Review: Reckless

Reckless by S.C. Stephens
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Damn I need Kellan’s POV now!
Review will come when I feel ready. …
I don’t right now! I’m sad it’s over. I was dragging it…

Next day:

… ok now, I think I’m ready:

Kellan’s and Kiera’s life and relationship goes through some serious struggle. But love wins right? Right?

Kellan seems to fall in to manipulation so many times, even Kiera used him that first time… but the past is in the past and they are looking forward to the future together, declaring they’re husband and wife in their hearts.

But Kiera wants to keep anonymous, when Kellan and his D-Bags are touring and recording their first album, their music and charisma makes them stars and they are popular fast.
She will want to be known after, what she’s afraid of? She needs to wake up, burst the bubble she lives in, it’s her life, she needs to live it…

Kiera finally yeah finally knows what she wants, and what she wants to be, a writer. She starts to write a autobiographical novel just to cleanse and leave the past behind, betrayal and all, her thoughts about that time, not speaking when she should, all her insecurities.

Writing is good for her, keeps her mind focus, at peace and we see her grew up and make some good decisions, for once.

The book was a little dragging here. I kept listening(audio book) because I was intrigued with the story.

Meanwhile I don’t understand Denny’s presence… he was always there when Kellan was away or did something wrong, or seemed that way
and when Kiera needed, Denny was there… at the end I didn’t want to know… only in books I guess! 🙂

But I really liked that Kiera started to realise that Kellan does love her like crazy and she finally believes and trusts him!

With all the rumours and pressure around that celebrity hunger for fame and the manager’s grid for money and success, no matter what.
Real world, huh!?

The band yes, they all stick together, they support each other and they are truly friends, they’re family. Kellan obviously needs a family and to be loved!No more pain!

Griffin on the other hand lift the angst throughout the book, was kind of fun!Very actually! Loved to see a different side of him! Honest and caring.. lol made me laugh!

Kiera grew on me towards the end of the book. I was proud of her!

The epilogue oh that was lovely, so good to know everything was fine and going strong!

I did get all moods: I was frustrated, then I laughed, cried a little… only one time, I don’t cry easily and swoon, man!

I’ll never forget the “morning” coffee and Kellan’s smell lol

Really enjoyed this ride!
I will re-read this series!
And I recommend it!

Need Kellan’s POV like a drug now!

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