Review: Beautiful Bastard

Beautiful Bastard
Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

For now all I can say is, great way of writing!

I’m placed in the story so quickly, there’s no need to be too descriptive of the surroundings. Some books drag right about it, the color of the walls, the rich furniture and so on, others tell it in a beautiful way to read and it’s needed for the plot, but hey and yay, for this one there was no need for more explanation, at least I didn’t want to know 🙂 It was fast to picture the characters in my mind and they became live! I knew now it was a short story, I was all ready for the dialogue, I was onboard in an instance!

Crazy how the chapters alternate between Chloe and Bennett’s first person perspectives! Loved it, plus the audiobook voices!

The woman, Chloe Mills, thank God she’s smart, beautiful, hardworking, not clumsy, (well wait… there’s only one time, in the first day they met) Not insecure or uncomfortable with her body. No scars, no secrets! She definitely knows what she wants and she puts her job and future first! But she wants him too but doesn’t know it yet!

Then there’s Bennett Ryan, her Boss. Young at the top of his family media business, a perfectionist executive!
He’s hot, crazy freshly fucked hair too!Powerful, arrogant with his employees, inconsiderate only if the job isn’t done, driven… completely irresistible! Never wanted or tried a workplace hookup, but with her… gorgeous, innocently provocative, completely infuriating female, he now has to see every day, he’s going insane! So much chemistry… And hides a stack of shredded lingerie in his office drawer… Hers! (That pull on tearing underwear will hurt!Ouch!)

The characters are too much alike, I mean their personality, they build an hate and lust relationship (can this be possible? I didn’t believe the hate part, that’s not hate…he was a jerk yes, but he knew her, knew she would fight, take whatever it takes, to be like him, powerful at the job, he’d question all that she is and does… she was strong and I think she knew he was helping her, they knew they work really well together.) They match perfectly and want to be challenged. But they are stubborn and headstrong, so some difficulties could come their way.

Their encounters are sexy hot and public! They need each other again and again, yelling, fighting, teasing, but those encounters instead of getting all out of their system and forget all about it, are doing the opposite and drive them crazy! They have to work together and her internship could be at stake.

Bennett behind that arrogant bossy style, was so sweet, all thoughts on her, he expressed his emotions first, every time he was vulnerable but Chloe didn’t believe he wanted more than steamy hot sex!

It’s a fun story of hot sexy scenes at very public places, like work offices, windows, chairs, elevators, conventions… focusing on how the boss and his intern assistant will or not be together for more than sex!

Loved how Chloe puts Bennett in his place!

I want a Bennett Ryan bossing me around!

And somehow this story makes me want to buy expensive lingerie… lol


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