Review: Beautiful Stranger

Beautiful Stranger
Beautiful Stranger by Christina Lauren
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In the follow up to Beautiful Bastard, I’m introduced to Sara Dillon and Max Stella. Such great characters, I can relate immediately! As similar to Beautiful Bastard each chapter alternates between Sara and Max’s first person perspective.

Chloe’s friend, Sara starts working to Bennett and Chloe’s new branch of Ryan Media Group, department of Finance in New York.
Max is a friend of Bennett’s from college that has been in New York for some years now, a successful capitalist with his mom working as his secretary receptionist! 🙂

It’s cool to see old friends interact and if you read Beautiful Bastard you’ll know reading this book, how the characters progress.

Sara moved from Chicago to a new place, a big city, what better city for that? To escape, to reinvent her life, to a new fresh start. Leaving an horrible relationship, six years of boring cheating bastard of a fiancée. She now wants no commitments, she wants to have fun for once, all of her desires and fantasies. She wants to become a new Sara.

In the first week still settling her new place, she goes out to Chloe’s engagement party and gets a lot of fun quickly, as she meets Max, a British entrepreneur at a dance club, just some night fun, but it quickly turned into something else… I think they needed the same thing, something new, different from anything else! That night changed everything for both of them!

Max is someone you love instantly with that british accent. He is funny, sexy, and says what he thinks. He could have any woman but when he meets this mysterious girl at the club, he’s just curious and wants more! They are attracted to each other instantly and start doing wild things, keeping anonymous just for the fun of it. Little she knew, his playboy behavior before, showing up in all the gossip magazines and followed by the paparazzi on the streets. A life she left behind!

Sara is a strong woman, she needs to control her life, her emotions, her heart, trying to focus on the job that she’s pretty good at! She defines their relationship under her rules and Max just loves that and goes along! He wants to know her better, he’s curious about this mystery woman!

He gives her what she wants sexually and emotionally. They grow their relation on trust before anything else! He admires how to her, he’s just Max, a beautiful stranger, not a playboy or womanizer that the press and paparazzi want all the time.

Like Bennett, Max was first to fall in love, or to know his feelings, and first to want it all. Best buddies yeah!

Loved his vulnerability at the end, made Sara learn how it hurts, he gave his heart to her even when she was cold and healing from her last relationship and made through all her insecurities… C’mon Sara I thought you knew better! I thought you were strong and trusted him!
No one puts thought, time and effort into making a woman’s fantasies a reality unless he’s serious about it!

I thought Beautiful Bastard had all the sexy public scenes we could imagine and we couldn’t have more than that, we couldn’t get kinkier, all the excibicionism, voyeurism, the danger of being caught in this book is taken to a whole new level!

But that’s how we experience things differently right? 🙂

Loved all the other characters, like George, Sara’s assistant ahahah and Max’s partner Will and his mates at the bar.

Funny story this one Beautiful Stranger!

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