Review: Beautiful Player

Beautiful Player
Beautiful Player by Christina Lauren
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Beautiful Player was a good end to a “male turn on series”!

Loved the characters dept in this one… what’s on their minds and hearts and the story yes, like we are used to, if you read Beautiful Bastard and Beautiful Stranger, still alternating between his and hers POVs.I like that idea, knowing exactly what they think and feel at the moment.

Playboy Will Sumner was odd for me in the first and second book… but now I’ve enjoyed knowing him. I don’t know if I like him the most of the tree handsome guys.
Hanna’s nerd and geek personality ahahah who can’t resist her? Very smart and funny usually her thoughts became live without filter…

Player Will has always seen Hanna “Ziggy” as his best friend’s kid sister, a 24 year old graduate student in New York City that’s completely immersed in school or at work, like a lab rat, not leaving time to be social. Her big brother Jensen tells her she needs to start living, tries to convince her to contact his best friend Will who lives close by. To have fun to go out,to live. Inexperienced has she was, she tries and asks him to help her dating. Hanna knew Will when she was younger and had a crush on him but after all these years he was still attractive to her, she knows he’s still a player, but she knows too, she could learn from him, she could learn from the master and she want to learn everything, how sex was like to a men in every possible way, she want to please and be pleased.

At one point of the story she meets and makes friends with the female girls from the other books. They try to help her too. Anyhow I didn’t particularly like this part, didn’t find the amusement of making her not so smart to choose clothes and bras… (I’m a little geek myself but I know how to dress, what I like, what makes me feel sexy and comfortable…) She was too smart very intelligent even, so didn’t understand… but well… apart from that, a very hot steamy sex story!

He’s happy to help her be more social, to date, to make friends in a new city and not throwing her straight into his bed… Yes he has been a player since he discovered sex, his life was good no strings attached, nothing more than sex and he had a schedule for specific days of the week with some female lovers.

As he gets to know Ziggs, he realizes that she’s grow and become a beautiful woman, not that teen geek he remembered, and his teaching could be more than he can handle, yes she teaches him a lesson he’ll never forget.They soon develop into a fun friendship, but their chemistry makes it difficult to keep their hands off each other. Will begins to feel different, those weird feelings he’s not used to, he knows now he wants more from a woman and not any woman, just Hanna.
Hanna still wants to play dating she isn’t ready to settle and knows that Will doesn’t know yet what more means and she knows better not to fall for him. But deep inside she knows she’s in trouble! She fights but looses every time!

They connect to damn good physically but don’t communicate as good! They are lost in thoughts, thinking too much around the same thing, being exclusive and committing. Will is older and had enough playing around and finally wants a real relationship with just Hanna. Hanna thinks he still wants to have fun with other women and she keeps acting like she just wants to be friends with benefits. Now that Hanna’s discovered she has the power, will they talk to each other?


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