Review: Beautiful Bombshell

Beautiful Bombshell
Beautiful Bombshell by Christina Lauren
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This novella takes place after Max and Sara’s book, Beautiful Stranger. If you’re in need of something light, sexy and fun this is the book for you!

This audio book was told in alternating chapters between Bennett and Max and I loved loved their voices!

The boys, I mean Bennett, Max, Will and Bennett’s brother Henry are in Las Vegas celebrating Bennett’s bachelor party or stag weekend like Max calls it. It’s suppose to be a weekend free from their ladies, just for the boys to play, but it’s Valentine’s Day and these ladies can’t let them go that easily, after all it was all the break they had before the Wedding.

The first time the guys knew the girls were in the same city, once they had a taste in a strip club,(Johnny French’s one) for Bennett’s surprise, a blindfold lap dance from Chloe herself and not so surprised Max’s waiting naked attached to a table Sara, in an voyeurs room… They just can’t leave it at that and the boys will stop at anything to keep finding Sara and Chloe around Vegas.

It’s was funny to see Bennett and Max trying to sneak out the party to their ladies, without the rest of the group knowing. Henry was drunk and all about winning big time at the Casinos to notice, but Will well, we get to know him a little and his humor.

Bennett’s and Chloe relationship is strong and they’ve grown to trust each other, they are playful and more intimate, but at the same time they need to test and tease each other and that drives them crazy as always! I loved how Bennett now knew that Chloe was the one, he couldn’t imagine life without her and we see the sweetest part of him.

Max and Sara’s relationship it’s going strong too and they are so sweet to each other, they know themselves very well as they know each other.

When the boys were all together, it’s was really funny, the pranks and all that! We start to know more about Will’s character all geeky but after all funny and the best friend any of the boys should have! I’ll miss them!

I just hated it’s was a really short story… But and hot and sexy one!

You’ll enjoy it!

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