Review: This Love’s Not for Sale

This Love's Not for Sale
This Love’s Not for Sale by Ella Dominguez
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

An erotic funny book, filled with love and laughter!

We meet Tucker McGrath,a gorgeous and arrogant, brutally honest, alpha male, fond of bondage and discipline and all his adult life used to get his way. He seeks and demands respect in all forms. A real estate mogul that as given up on love and thinks only about money but deep down he really wants a family but shh for now ๐Ÿ™‚

And then we meet Liliana Norris, a beautiful and stubborn, opinionated and feisty dental hygienist who has inherited a house from a very close to her heart relative, with a large land. That house is special to her, reminds her of her mother and aunt and all happy moments. She moves in, hoping to start her new life, she’s all alone and she wants to feel close to her family, even if they’ve past away, she thinks happy thoughts about this house and fields and she definitely needed to leave her cheating awful ex-husband away on another state, or planet.

Lilly and Tuck find chemistry, physical attraction to one another the first time they met.

As a real state mogul thinking about all the money and an early retirement, he focus on buying his way into her heart to get her land. But Lilliana doesn’t want to fall in love, not interested on being pursued by this very hot and arrogant bastard only interest was her property and she’s definitely was not for sale!

Things start to heat up and Tucker falls for Lilliana. That lovely sassy mouth of hers gets her punished every time and finds out the need of submission. Those days were sexy hot! But then again she really didn’t trust him and lying was a deal breaker and then she discovers his true motivation, wrong place, wrong time.
Giving in to his fantasies and emotions, still waiting for revenge, she takes no crap from Tucker and studs up for herself, leaving him.

Their story is strong but they changed their thoughts and feelings for one another over and over, it was their true weakness.

He needed her and she needed to be wanted.

Loved how Tuck learned to respect her, to love her, let her be herself and not wanting to change her! Sweet lovely dominant man! The sexual tease,that kind of emotion and desire, I wish this book was longer!

I’ve learned some sexy text messages, they were a lot of fun!

Sweet story! Loved the cave man at the epilogue!


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