Review: Beautiful Beginning

Beautiful Beginning
Beautiful Beginning by Christina Lauren
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Beautiful Beginning starts with a very stressed out Chloe and a very out of his way, Bennett, getting ready, planing their life with each other, organizing some last stuff together for their wedding in San Diego. Last time they were there, it was the most important moment in their lives so far, they are making it more special with their wedding.

Bennett is that Beautiful Bastard we all know and after keeping his bride for been insane about all this wedding stuff and the thought that she keeps trying to run away to Vegas and marry already…

He is thinking how to make their wedding night so much more special. They have hot wonderful sex together yes but he wants to hold her and talk to her without thinking of ripping her panties off every time she’s near him. He wants to love her for what she is, for what he makes her feel, he wants to make her happy. She is the woman he wants to spend a lifetime, to grow old and have children and grandchildren.

I don’t know who’s craziest, but he proposes that they’ll not sleep together until their wedding night, starting from this stressful night. It would be almost a week or so to the wedding on the weekend!

Well we all know Chloe too and she disagrees of course, but Bennett is Bennett and she keeps trying to seduce him throughout the story, making them feel a little more crazier, with an enormous sexual tension.

All Bennett wanted was that Chloe could think only of seducing him, not worrying about the wedding and their crazy family. Love you Ben!
I know this couple was taking a serious step in their relationship, but they are still so stubborn too, I’ve laughed out loud it was so funny!

This wedding was going to be perfect! Like all the wedding are… What wedding doesn’t have earthquakes or tsunamis? Insane family drama and some few disasters along?

I enjoyed seeing all of the characters we met throughout this series, Ben’s boys and all their madness, I miss them already!

Chloe’s father calling Bennett Benson lol and those memories of him getting them caught in several occasions having sexy dirty sex!!!

Love, pranks, disasters, meltdowns, and not so much hot scenes, was this novella all about, understanding their relationship and the feelings for each other in all this madness.

It was a bit disappointing the wedding night, I was used to hot steamy dirty sex scenes but this book was all about love not lust! And the end was so fast I wish it wasn’t ending.

I think this end feels like the beginning, the beginning for all of them!

Love this book!

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