Review: In Flight

In Flight
In Flight by R.K. Lilley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Up in the air, everything can happen!

James Cavendish is an hot possessive billionaire quite similar to Christian Grey or Gideon Cross, a mix of this two sexy men I guess. A Dom with some BDSM story and a room to play.

Bianca is a virgin, ok why she needs to be? She has a few friends and her best friend is gay, something familiar here too.

They meet and have some strong attraction, James has a proposition for her, where did I heard that before?

And of course a wreck childhood… next!

James doesn’t date. That’s ok with her, she doesn’t either, she knows nothing about being romantic, never tried too! Indifferent, doesn’t want to end up in a relationship, but after seeing James and the way he touches her, she’s ready to open up… really? Giving her virginity to a guy she met a few days before… I’m feeling indifferent too! Ugh Whatever! Let’s see where this is going!

What happened to her when she was a child, starts to make room again in her head, she wants to fight her demons this time. (I’m starting to like her a bit now…)She is ready, with James helping her to trust in pleasure and in pain.

James was feeling something he never felt before, this was all very new to him too. Well I don’t know what the hell Bianca was feeling but as the story goes, they both feel complete, a part of them they never knew was empty, was filling. I don’t know what he sees in her except what he says… that she is beautiful… and compatible in some sort of twisted tastes in bed.

He keeps trying to win her affection, even thought it was only a proposition that ended very well, for only a proposition and she is still indifferent to him, oh so it seems… what’s wrong with her? Back and forth, back and forth… Indifferent to his words, only wakes up when she’s painting or when Mr. Beautiful plays with her body in that way of his.

Bianca and Stephen, her gay friend knew each other at the age of 14 right? He even knew and fight Bianca’s father one time? But then she tells James that when they’ve met he saved her for being raped one time by some homeless guy and they were runaways… that was odd in the story… she met him when? And as runaways they kept going to school? I’m confused!

I liked Mr. Cavendish’s flight stalking, the caring to help her with her paintings.(I paint too and it’s a way of release.) That crazy sex, Mr. Mercurial’s Dom behavior. (I don’t think a real Dom would be like him, but…) I felt sorry for him at Bianca’s indifference or whatever that was. He never seems to know what she is thinking. Why she didn’t believe him? She thought she was the first woman he met? He’s a successful hot single billionaire that everyone knows about! Of course he had some old stories… and he wanted to keep this relation secret of course! Trusting is the truth, I know and it was an issue! But they just met!!!!

This book ends on a cliffhanger or something like that, but kept me interested of what’s going to happen next!

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