Review: Grounded

Grounded by R.K. Lilley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Mr. Chapter titles are back.

An insight around all Mr. Cavendish moods! How many moods can a guy have? 🙂

We are back in to the story right at the time we left it. In the next 20 chapters I admit, I was a little bored.

OK there were times I wanted to learn more about their stories, their reactions, decisions… I knew where all that was coming from, but planes, work, trips back and forth, going to shower, putting make up,  having a nap, what she was wearing, what they eat, drink, sleep, nightmares, worries, fights, leaving things unsaid I just wanted to move on!!!  

Don’t know why this was all boring for me this time… Maybe I’ll re read it in a better mood!

I love what a book can do to you, angst, worries, cries, laughs, but in this case it was slow, I wanted to go where all the action was! Didn’t feel the appeal…

Well, let me focus, sex was fun in all places we can imagine, more BD than SM, the more comfortable side… can a Dom fall in love?

Quite an inventive mind this author has… possible and impossible sex scenes at possible or impossible places! That was great, however, that sadistic side of James made me want to punish him!

Maybe Mr. Sadistic would wake me up a little bit, to continue reading.

All in all the more they love each other, more boundaries would be broken and the Dom was only Master of the body… 

Liked the scarf scene and the pool party a lot, what a great crew, so cool!

Disliked the piercing moment, in James’s eyes she was perfect so why the need of wrecking that perfection…

Not so spectacular relationship… not like I used to like in the other books and many POVs kept me way from track, for a bit.

Besides that, I liked Stephan side of the story. And definitely want to know more about Tristan and Danika, Frankie and Lana of course!

The story was rushed at the end if I knew, I would start of at chapter 27 😦 switched to audible at that time… I was tired to read it… didn’t need to be that dramatic and didn’t like the way James handled it! Too superficial.

Healing the past and learning to trust, signs of hope…. although most of the bumps in this road… I enjoyed this journey. 

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