Review: Truth

Truth by Aleatha Romig

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5* Yes I need to read Convicted to know if I’m wrong about the *

Another audible edition for me, I do have the kindle edition too but I’m that kind of audio book freak fan.

I had some trouble with the narrator, the first book but now I’m used to her voice and I think she mastered Tony’s authoritarian demanding sounds to perfection! I’ll never forget, It’s a love and hate thing, I thought I never hated something or someone, but listening to this made me think and thoroughly.

Just ended the book and now what the hell is wrong with me, I’m feeling sad, it’s just like you saw a great movie you were waiting for a long time and now it’s over and you’re going home trying to fill the void and struggling to understand the story and match all the pieces of the puzzle.

I have to admit the author’s crafty ability to write this story, developing such a complete rich group of characters and a clever twisting plot! This I won’t forget either. They all came live to me like a motion picture.

I know that Aleatha Romig’s work has mix feelings around this readers world, but isn’t that a brilliant amazing work when it makes you feel guilty when you find out that a character you hated now you like it a little bit even though you wanted to hated him again? When did that happen? When you feel all this emotions, isn’t this a great reading/listening experience?

I recommend to listen to the audio book version if you think the story is to long, it’s worth it!

Anthony, I can forget what you did and I can’t forgive either. I now realize or did really soon (I’m a very perceptive person and clever too you know :)) someone else was pulling the strings, but every action was done by you. The supposed “dream” Claire had … You had to learn to care, you’re a smart man, what was that? But you were true, actions have consequences even for you… I knew your pain and desire to change, you turn Claire’s world around but your world was spinning too! How’s that turning for you? She learned from you and plays the game and handles all the twists and turns to perfection, you’re fault!

So much is reveal in Truth! I’m guessing it’s just the beginning, maybe the middle… This book definitely made my head spin and sometimes a lump in my throat. I was thinking some breaks would occur, I needed some time, but I was to much curious, I couldn’t get away!
It left me anticipating!

So Convince me!




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