Review: The Edge of Never

The Edge of Never
The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Had a tough weekend, so I did need to smile, funerals and stuff… nevermind!

Camryn and Andrew’s story was a great escape!

Started listening to the audio book version, what’s new? 🙂

Camryn’s journey was something!

The first impressions reminded me of a movie called Before Sunrise that will remain has one of my beautiful memories.

At first the reason for leaving everything behind wasn’t enough for me, just getting away, after one week at her new job, when her mother was trying so hard to get her one… a fight with a best friend? Best friends that trample all over you? At twenty years old…really? (Maybe I’m a little more exigent nowadays).

Lost her “partner” in crime, ok that’s something… but without a job, no dreams, no money… yes, if it was real, that would be an issue for me, in books, isn’t… this is just my point of view, y’know? 🙂

I had all this questions in my head. Personally, since I know myself, little as I could be, I would always ask what if, go with the moment, just ride, absorb everything good in life, laugh, smile, no regrets! I was sure! I didn’t know what I wanted, but I did knew what I didn’t want. Then again, books and good stories catch you 🙂 and this story did, although some bad reviews, about not so special writing… I like it and I give some stars for the journey…

Running away just to breathe, I do understand! I had just to remember it was a book and in that moment, I met Andrew (golly!) and his tattoos! 😛

I loved their interaction on the bus, their POV’s, it was fun! While their trip develops I start to have some theories and I’m afraid I’m right this soon! I needed to know, to figure out what was wrong with Andrew!

Got distracted with the highway rides, the rain, the grass, the songs (I sang Hotel California along …) moon and eating bugs 🙂 and of course New Orleans, were so good!

They were so intense, I knew at some point the two were having sex but, what was that? “Rough” sex, some weird fantasies that didn’t match… I did stop reading /listening, did I need to go back and read again? This was confusing, it almost ruined the story for me at least for a moment! It was a relief not having a dom weird situation going on for long. I realized I didn’t exactly need this kind of sex part on the book 🙂 After all that stuff, baby alert! Deep inside I knew 9 mouths ahead she would have a tiny mini Andrew or Cam.

Going along, something wasn’t right… I had my suspicions and it was a lot of drama in so little time… Oh my!

If what’s important it’s to live in the moment, forget the past, listen to your heart, don’t waste a second of your life, live everyday as your last, I understand now, why Andrew didn’t tell, but at the same time he did say to Camryn to always say what she feels and never hold back… Don’t be afraid!I guess it was only one way! C’mon Andrew!

I liked this story and definitely will be reading the next!
I want to know what’s at the end of this open road!

Got my bare feet up on the dashboard and I’m turning the radio on to some classic rock songs!




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