Review: The Edge of Always

The Edge of Always
The Edge of Always by J.A. Redmerski

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was a little scared of what I was about to read. I liked the originality of the first book and the end was great! So how this one is going to end?

They kept trying to have a different life experience, spontaneous they say, but it’s never easy and after everything that happened, they deserved some happiness, hell they deserved it all, I wished!

I knew something wasn’t right, before I started reading it, oh something painful was coming. What tragedy could possibly happen? … It’s hurts.

This particular part of the book seemed to go very slow and it frustrated the heck out of me. If I had some pills to sleep I would had taken them. I kept wishing Andrew to play something cool on his guitar so I could sing along.

Camryn falls apart and a dark hole replaces her heart. It’s worst than the first time she left. She believes everyone she meets dies or disappears and Andrew struggles to find a way to help her, to find her, that sweet girl he belonged to.

He thinks that getting back on that promise, to live life in the moment, spend every second of their lives together like they should, is the only answer. He wants her to see what he sees.

He wants to get back on the road… He believes it’s the only way to heal. As they go, their relationship grows deep and stronger, this trip heals them both. It was about time!!

Andrew, you’re an angel! I want to find someone close as you, maybe I’ll just get on a bus somewhere, hmm.

He help her get closure from her past even some of the stuff she hadn’t dealt with and never had spoken of. Brave!

A journey to prove they can survive anything and they will move to the edge of the Earth to make it real. I want to believe this is true.

Oh and I didn’t like Andrew to say their story was over… although the journey wasn’t… I wanted so much more!

I recommend this series!


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