Review: Twisted

Twisted by Emma Chase
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4,5 stars

Expect the unexpected

We start off right before Tangled ended, this book is told by Kate’s perspective, I had the funniest moments with Tangled, so what to expect from Twisted, well twisted moments were coming!

I thought I would laugh so hard with this one too, but no, instead of funny moments, this book is all about drama and misunderstandings! A big turn on life, to think about it, for this couple, I thought they would last forever. They have been together for two years I thought by now, they would trust each other…

Some time along the way I was tired, depressed and thinking if I should or not move forward some chapters… I didn’t want to know Kate’s drugs or alcohols encounters, met a new Billy it was like a new person and I never ask for.
I guess I was missing Drew. I know, I know, what he did was stupid, selfish again, very extreme. I don’t know if I could forgive him! Someone who want’s to hurt their soul mate just because you saw something and you believe it’s true without thinking it through.

Kate and Drew I thought I knew you, I thought you were stronger and would act like it!

Near the end, they find each other and I’m thinking (again), this was so easy, so much love thrown away because of some kind of betrayal or stupidity, so much drama before and now it was it, didn’t felt relieved… One week and that’s all, promises, promises… I wanted more, twisted enough yes, sometimes we don’t see it’s there all this time… but I would never shut up, but that’s OK, I understand I’m not everybody and because at last, I had the chance to hear Drew’s voice again!

Love to meet Drew Evans and see some of Dee Dee’s outfits 🙂

I recommend this book!




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