Review: If I Were You

If I Were You
If I Were You by Lisa Renee Jones
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Review later?
I’m glad I have the next book in hand so I won’t trip on the cliff 🙂


I’ve listen to Rebecca’s lost Journals first, so I was feeling like Sara when she read the first journal, I wanted to have closure and I was a little upset and thrilled at the same time, well at the end of Rebecca’s Journals I got a glimpse of The Master Undone:

I told him goodbye, and I will not call him. I know if I do, it will be my undoing, and I’ll once again be caught up in his spell. I will once again be…lost.

…In her private journals, Rebecca laid bare her soul, revealing her obsession for the one man whose erotic demands captivated her imagination–and enslaved her forever. Now, with Rebecca no longer in his life he is lost, questioning everything he thought he knew about himself and about control he holds in such high regard. One women will reach out to heal him and then turn away, leaving him haunted. She is nothing he thought he wanted and somehow everything he needs. He tells himself to forget her but he cannot escape his desire for her. He has to have more…

I knew something happened and I can’t spoil it!

The journals from Rebecca’s point of view were so dark and addictive like a drug. The characters were so captivating and the sex scenes wow… emotions all over the place. 🙂

So Sara sets to find her, but her life is about to intertwine with Rebecca’s in an odd way. She finds two mysterious and very dangerous guys, Chris and Mark.

The search for Rebecca started but I think it was moving very slow, Sara was caught between this two men.

Chemistry with Chris was spontaneous and fast, he’s rich and famous and yeah great it seems his money doesn’t overpower him. He’s possessive but sweet and funny and has a big secret… Don’t we all do! 🙂

They were everything each other needed and they were good to each other although they thought they were destructive too. Chris was hard to decipher sometimes and Sara was slow to trust him.

Chris Merit an amazing artist, was not the only man in her life, Mark Compton, her boss, all about money and control, owns the Art Gallery. This place is the center of all the plot, where Rebecca was last time seen.

Mark is even more mysterious, wants the best for Sara (I think…) they are both very protective of her. But Mark gives some dangerous vibes, a little creepy at first glance and she’s convinced little by little that this man is the man behind Rebecca’s journals. The Master who made her run away or worse.

Along the way we build pieces of the story, but it’s not close enough, when something big happens, this audio book ends of course!!!

Anyway, I recommend this book and all the next in the series!




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