Review: Being Me

Being Me
Being Me by Lisa Renee Jones
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Goodbye. Love. Rebecca.


I love to hear Grace Grant, the narrator, performs every characters voice to perfection!

Being Me continues where If I Were You left things.

Sara still wants to find Rebecca and after some missed phone calls to her friend Ella, who said was eloping and on her honeymoon in France and then Italy, she’s concerned of her whereabouts too.

We get much closer to Sara’s relationship with Chris, but Chris still is full of secrets and pain, he can’t seem to trust Sara to open up. He knows she can’t handle it, he can’t and won’t hurt her, but shutting her out is doing worse, I think. We are lead to believe he needs pain to go through with his nightmares, we get closer to his deeper feelings, a dark secret, so different from Mark’s, “the Boss man” that claims all he wants to give and feel is pleasure. Mark seems cold at first, domineering, all power, but sexy like a magnet of seduction and so different from Chris, when it comes to answer Sara’s questions, Mark is an open book, he doesn’t hide like Chris.

Sara’s need to connect with Chris and stay out of Mark’s control outside work, makes her go down on an way darker path to find the real Chris and this makes their relationship hotter than ever, very much consuming. I almost forgot Sara’s quest and thought she did too!

Both of them have been through so much in the past, maybe that’s why they need each other to heal or to damage further. Sara is so afraid to tell Chris about her past too. She lied to him, a little lie but he is so damaged, that when another tragedy happens, telling him her story will break him, he will be completely lost. Chris feels the same, if he tells everything, he knows he will scare Sara away. We still don’t know exactly how bad things were with Chris, why he is like that…

Sara’s questions for the truth, makes friends become not so much friendly. I feel the danger and then the last chapters blow up!
Secrets are revealed in a threatening way! So much for the control! Everyone looses… We find out who Rebecca’s Master is. I already knew that, but we know at last where Rebecca is and what she was trying to do. Many things about the journals are now out in the open. Some of it was easy to figure out, other just shocked me! And I’m getting used to having a cliff to hang to as the audio book stops and dies!Ahhhhhhh

I’m satisfied with all the answers and yes it left me wanting the next book!




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