Review: Wallbanger

Wallbanger by Alice Clayton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I liked this story very much!

Wallbanger was the first book I’ve listen/read by Alice Clayton. Everyone was saying how good it was, great reviews, nice things about it and I had to check it out, right?
I was waiting to the point I had the need to read, feel something lighter and funny and so I did.

This book was amaze balls! Laughing too loud funny, even when it supposed to have some drama with the lost of oohs and missing woos. I’ve blushed several times and thought how the narrator could pull this of! She did ridiculously good!

Caroline Reynolds is funny, an independent woman, unafraid to say exactly what she’s thinking, my kind of heroine, good thoughts, really loves her job and I liked her very much too! She’s an Interior Designer and the story begins after she moves into a new apartment with her protective, very smart cat named Clive. Her friend and boss was lending the apartment and she was thrilled to move to a bigger home!

Great, I think. Best interior designers, yep. But they couldn’t predict such thin walls.
New building, thin walls, just great! Caroline couldn’t imagine how awake she will be for several nights in a row! Her new male neighbor likes it loud! She tries to figure out how he could have so much energy and so many women in the same week! Yeah, different sounds, spanks, giggles and meowings!!! Even Clive was crazy curious! She gets too close with her door’s peephole, just to see what all the fuzz was about. Got nicknames for every of them! Night after night, not sleeping enough, that was it! She had to confront the handsome crazy wall banger and tell him to be quiet, some people are lonely, tired, missing her “O” and trying to sleep!

When Caroline shows up banging on Simon’s door she forgot she was wearing nothing but a pink baby doll nightie and things got very hot and interesting. Their attraction was instantaneous, after all when she actually got to sleep for a few hours, she had fantasies, hot and rather loud wet dreams about that guy she didn’t even met yet.

Oh you’ll love Simon Parker! He works as a photographer, travels around the world to capture all the beautiful things he sees. He also collects sand from every place he leaves a little of his heart with. And he’s mad about zucchini bread! LOL He’s sexy, confident, charming, so sweet! I loved him! Yep, impossible not to fall in love with. Didn’t get the “Harem” different choice of women, though… he could have one just as easy and willing for a while, than another, why three at the same time like in a schedule? Oh well… I’ve enjoyed his wall banging works! The “Thump”…
“Oh, God”… “Thump Thump”… “Unbelievable…”

And how small the world can be, at her boss and friend’s party they bump into each other and between hate and a kiss that they had to, they come to a sort of truce. Things start to change, they are neighbors, they hear and see each other often and become much more friendly. They love to hang out together and the sweet tension starts to build but slowly. Love all the text messages and all the time they spend together as friends, really knowing and helping each other without taking it further. Just sweet and simple!

But is Caroline the one? Is she enough for him to leave his harem weird life? She wants him to see that they are different, better!

I loved Simon and Caroline’s interaction, chemistry, going back and forth on important things, trying to find the perfect one for each other. Brain, heart and lust, having questions, really liking their relationship to grow slow, carefully. Although I thought Simon was going to be rough! Not alpha male in the building!

Can’t forget Caroline’s friends, although it was a weird couple switch. And I adored Clive’s antics.
The end of this book was so fun, it was the perfect ending to this story!

Light, fun, sweet, witty and sexy. An amusing romantic read! Enjoy it!




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