Review: VIP

VIP by M. Robinson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

VIP is told by two special POVs, two different worlds.

Ysabelle starts her story taking us back to her childhood, so much wrong happens, so young she has a very traumatic experience, the worst you can imagine, she get’s through it like a strong little girl she is… how she does it, I don’t know, I don’t know if I would have that strength but she get’s through it and fights hard to go on with her life. At 16 she escaped home, can we call it home?… She runs away to… well away from what hurts. Of course some of the choices she makes are disappointing, but decisions, good or bad at that age, you learn from it. She meets Devon who owns a bar where she easily begins working (under age)… and they start a very special friendship, finally a place she can feel safe and build the pieces the way she wants.

Sebastian’s story also begins with his childhood, a very different and good childhood, parents who love him and want the best for him. We follow his life and the interaction with his best friends: Julia and Olivia. Growing up with them is all he has ever known but as they all grow, the way he feels for Olivia changes, it’s a different feeling and is eating away at him, why? He can’t express his true feelings for Olivia without hurting Julia, his “Babygirl” so it stays hidden… (Wrong!) Then Sebby suffers a greater loss in life that will change him. How traumatic was for Olivia, huh? (I think he was and still is a coward!) He feels guilt over what happened… Yeah? But he struggles to survive ( He should struggle hard! Time to grow up Sebby! ) and comes to realize the one person who has always been there in his life for him, has been his “Babygirl”. Who wasn’t there? He had it all… (Easy breezy! So comfy and selfish…) he ends up marrying her and have her child. Life is dull at this moment.

Ysabelle’s life turns upside down when she meets someone very intriguing … Madam. Weird woman… Her journey as a VIP starts and then she bumps to no other than Sebastian Vanwell… The real story starts right about now and I’m a little tired but curious…Two souls, both desperately searching for something without even realizing it and then collide and become one story.

Y in her small and sad life, learned that men are used as means to an end. Love, well, she never had love in her life, neither wanted to feel any emotions, that was about to change, as Sebastian happens.

S was trying to save Y or trying to make peace with what he lost a long time ago? This was all suppose to happen to this moment?There are moments in life, you have to take a chance at love. Love was always there, but out of reach or you’re not worthy to touch it or be touched. They find themselves caught up in something that neither of them were prepared to deal with. Someone always gets hurt but being honest allows all to move on and find happiness. With this story you learn from your mistakes. Life and relationships are never perfect, they both have too much to lose, but together they find what was missing.

There’s betrayal and lust, with some very sexy hot scenes but this is so much more… I don’t want to spoil it further!

I took my time to read it, this is one you need to, take that time to read.

I recommend this book! Very different style, very different writing and I think M. Robinson did it amazingly well!

We “M”s can! 🙂




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