Review: Sweet Filthy Boy

Sweet Filthy Boy
Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I started this audio book with a bang! Book one of the Wild Seasons series! I knew the “Beautiful Bastard” girls (authors) before and I was a lot excited for this one!

Mia, Harlow and Lola, friends since forever, sweet girls, head off for a wild weekend in Las Vegas. They deserve it, they’ve all worked hard and are going to celebrate their graduation, a good an welcome present from one of their parents.

Mia had an accident, four years ago, injuring her leg very bad, it ruined her chances to pursuit her dreams, ballet for now on, was out of the question 😦

She’s almost obligated to follow her father’s footsteps, studying in business school after this summer break. She is not that excited about her future, she has been very shy since the accident and is not having a lot of confidence nowadays, doesn’t speak much, but leaves it a side for this moment, for the girls, specially for her and wants to have as much fun as she can, in Vegas.

Ansel is quite a sweet handsome guy! Mia spots him and the way she acts around him, it’s like she is a different person, hot guys do that to you!

Mia notices Ansel in a busy happy crowded bar. Their eyes meet and the chemistry it’s right on! Being out of her way, this accomplishment makes her night turn upside down in a good and very special way. Ansel’s hotel room is next to Mia’s, partying with his buddies and you know how a bunch of drunk guys act loud, it’s Vegas! Coincidence or not, Mia and Ansel meet again with less clothes on 🙂 This sweet and filthy story begins, this wild night spent with Ansel transforms Mia’s life for good. As the next morning approaches, reality comes crashing and they have to go on with their separate lives.

Ansel, a french fresh lawyer who rides a motorcycle to work, lives in Paris. Mia is from San Diego and is about to move to Boston for two years, trying business school to please her dad. But Vegas left them married and not wanting to leave apart.

Ansel is so cute, passionate and wants to spend more time with Mia, wants to know her and invites her to spend the summer in Paris. After that they could think of annulment or not.

It’s crazy but, Mia going back home, dealing with her dad, responsibilities and most of all, dreading to work like her dad, a job she doesn’t want, leads to an impulsive summer stay at Ansel’s Paris apartment. Yay!

Their friends don’t get it, as they all did same or similar mistakes that night, but Mia and Ansel want to prove them wrong. They feel different, better!

Ansel’s french accent, dirty french sex talk, makes this book even better! I love Ansel!

After their impulsiveness ride to France, Ansel took care of Mia the best he could, he didn’t think it through that much though, he would be working his ass off all summer, leaving Mia spending her time alone in this different country, different language with no friends.

I have to say, Mia’s transformation, after being sick, her brave adventure to walk that city through, she makes the most of her Paris holiday, goes sightseeing and even makes a few friends, didn’t see that coming…

This newly-wed couple, two strangers, saw each other only a few moments at night, due to Ansel’s long work hours, fault of his demanding job, their relationship gets awkward, uncomfortable. Hell, made me uncomfortable too! Vegas wild night was a sweet lost memory, why?

And of course Mia has intimacy issues, but clever enough to work around it with role-playing scenes. I wasn’t sure about this, her mind was a mess for weeks, so insecure but all of the sudden, what a great idea! Let’s play with costumes… I was expecting something funnier, date nights, meeting more friends and obviously wild hot sex and very certain of falling in love in Paris!

Where did all that passion from Vegas go? They had no problem before… Ok, they keep helping each other out and go out of their minds working on what they really want, but it’s not easy!

Perry’s intrusion, well, it felt a bit rushed. Like my review right now!

Despite that, it was hot and sexy, this summer holiday in Paris!

Loved the beginning and loved the end, even if it was going kind of fast there!

I would buy Ansel’s POV, I did liked this character.
So… ladies keep up this good work!

And yes! I’m excited to read/listen to the next book in this series!




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