Review: My Hunger

My Hunger
My Hunger by Lisa Renee Jones
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Mark Compton is still a mystery to me. My Hunger is part of the Inside Out series and I’ve read them all with so much interest and curiosity. Probably hungry too to understand why Mark is this dark mysterious man, which lifestyle was build from need or lust? I still want to know!

Knowing Rebecca through her diaries (let me tell you I love her writing :)) I’ve been eager to understand her relationship with Mark and why she just disappeared. My heart will always fight for Rebecca and Mark.

This time we see Mark being Mark (finally!) not the Master, not that cold heartless selfish person. He’s in a bad shape, confused, loosing control. His mother is fighting cancer, trustful employees selling fake art, Rebecca, his love, his lover(yeah it’s real!) being murdered by Ava and, what the hell was he thinking taking Ava in the first place?

Mark finds himself living in guilt, questioning his own actions, that actually lead to Rebecca’s death. His hole life is slipping away!

And yet Crystal Smith brings a little light to Mark’s life, exactly what he needs at this moment,something simple, no thinking, just need.
However, it’s another employee,(will he learn?) he has to handle it and business and family all together with caution. She will never be a submissive but something about her makes Mark realize and confront his failures as protecting everything and most of all, Rebecca.

I’m not fond of this relationship or whatever this is… But I know they are lonely and they understand this hunger and the need to dissipate this pain together.

I’ve learn from reading the diaries and the Inside Out series that I’m a little romantic myself and I want to believe there’s still hope finding Rebecca.

I’m a little concerned though, why Chris and Sarah didn’t came back to help him already and why is Ava trying to frame him for Rebecca’s murder.

It was a short novella, we know there’s more to come and I’m anxious to find out!

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