Review: Seduced in the Dark

Seduced in the Dark
Seduced in the Dark by C.J. Roberts
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OMG! Yes, I can now say this is so good or even better than Captive in the Dark! Seduced in the Dark is so intense, even more twisted and darker!

This terrifying story continues and we learn more about Caleb and his past history, from Livvie´s point of view and memories “interviews” take place, a recount of the last months events, asked by Sloan (a social worker) and Reed (an FBI agent).

We are in the present and she’s been questioned about what happened when she crossed Mexico’s US border waving a gun in her hand… That didn’t go well with the authorities… so she’s hospitalized and they all think she’s a crazy mess, but what she wants to talk about, it seems to help her go through it and not losing it! So far she let us know how the full story unfolds. She tells them about how Caleb protect her and make her feel safe when she didn’t. He was about to sell her, but she couldn’t blame him… Hope grew on her and she did what she could to get him to change her mind, or his.

We are brought back and forth between the past and present so many times! She reveals just what we need to go along. Not knowing what to expect next… it was maddening, but we survive right along with her. She is the best! Only eighteen too young and she’s gone through hell and came back stronger! What a great spirit! And yes we feel desperate to understand Caleb’s actions, the revelation about Caleb’s past can easily break your heart… What Caleb feels throughout this story, tortures everyone who reads it and you’re even more desperate to find him peace. Sanity and madness, love and hate, HOPE!

How can we fall for Caleb? We love and hate him at once! I don’t know why… ask CJ Roberts! 🙂

Livvie is so broken, as Caleb is, but she’s resilient and fierce and somehow, never loses hope and for both of them!

Caleb owed his old friend Rafiq his life and Rafiq, God! What a sick and twisted man! He’s not who Caleb thought he was and this story gets even worse. Could this go on?

Torture after torture and to prove he was not transformed by his submissive, his actions start turning him upside down, a side of him he’s never seen, comes to light! Caleb has a heart and he lets it be touched!

Now that Caleb knows, he will get his own revenge! He will do whatever it takes to protect her, even if this means he will get hurt or die…

You can feel the guilt, the jealousy, the sorrow, this consuming vengeance… the desperation and the need to run the hell away from it all! You will be holding your breath waiting for the next blow!

This messed-up story will move you, all this conflicted, very rich and complex characters will tell you a story about survival, hope and most of all, Love. Love can hit you in all this different forms!

Never lose hope, you’ll have to take a break, but keep reading!
You’ll feel happy in the end!





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