Review: Epilogue

Epilogue by C.J. Roberts
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This dark duet will stay with me forever!
I can’t believe this is it!

Although I wasn’t happy about the lost of Caleb’s accent on the narrator’s part of this audio book, I’ll keep this away from my thoughts… it’s not that important, this is such a good story!
Can’t say it’s a 5* story just because I was actually satisfied with how Seduced in the Dark ended!

So Epilogue, shows us how Caleb struggles to accept himself as someone capable of love and his love, his light Livvie, actually wants to be with him, a Monster who did horrible things to her, he kidnapped her, raped her, abused her… but loves him. Him!

On Caleb’s point of view, we see how Livvie tries to understand why she loves him. Is something wrong with her? So wrong and fucked up… how can she deal with that? Livvie was “too kind” in her description of what happened, so Caleb gives us his perspective with more detail.

This book is brighter than the other two, we can breathe now and Caleb’s funny remarks made me laugh through out the book!

One year had past and Livvie seems to have control of her life.
She shows confidence, so it seems… but most important, confident in herself. She has friends, interests, looks ahead, she got back to school and has a part-time job! After all that happened of course, something was taken from her, she feels unprotected and alone, now she has a dark side, can she handle it? Can Caleb?

They both grew so much and specially Livvie, she grew to be this strong, beautiful woman (I’m proud of her, she was always in control, but she masters now!) and after all that, she really took charge in her relationship with Caleb!

They have to work together to heal through the past, it’s not easy, there’s pain and so much hurt! Caleb was wrong on hoping they could just start new, but they can’t… they can’t forget who they once were, it’s impossible… They have to face it head on and deal with it, they have to accept each other for what they are now, to then move forward.

We see light through dark!

And what am I supposed to do now?
I’ll miss this two!


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