Review: Beautiful Oblivion: A Novel

Beautiful Oblivion: A Novel Beautiful Oblivion: A Novel by Jamie McGuire
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I had high expectations!Most of us did!

But don’t get me wrong, reading/listen to Jamie McGuire stories makes me happy always!!

Is it as good as Beautiful Disaster? Well…

I don’t think so, I didn’t feel the connection like I did with Travis and Abby! I really love Trent but I was sad I didn’t feel it the way I should! I don’t know why… I wanted the intensity I was used to! Maybe it was the wrong time to read it…

The ending yes WOW it will make you want to read it again to understand and most of the clues were there all along… 🙂 It does follow the events from Beautiful Disaster and it helps, from a different perspective of course, but I think I missed something… I wanted to know more about Camy’s life, family and friends.

Didn’t understand Bishop, was this character necessary? Did I miss something important in between?

The sex scene was not what I hoped for, no connection at all… When you love you want to see the emotions in the eyes of your lover, the scene was not enough for me though…

It’s cute to have your brother names beginning with a “C” like Camille and all the Maddox’s with a “T” and that T.J. oh gosh I almost knew it … so it frustrated me that the end was urgent and some parts of the book were so slow.

I said this books and stories make me happy and I am! I’ll re-read it! And would love more Maddox stories!


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