Review: Wanted

Wanted by J. Kenner
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

These last chapters were really good, I understood Evan’s distance just to keep her safe. Enough would be if I could have Evan’s POV right away! It’s past 2 am … I think I’ll review this later.


Yes, I loved the Stark Trilogy, so I knew I was upon a good read!

Half of the book goes on and on a little melancholic, hell the story starts at a funeral!

I was craving for more action! It got me struggling to find the chemistry, the story insisted on telling, between the two main characters.
Thank God this is an audio book and the narrator did a great job. I read about how boring it was, if you only read it! So get your audio book!

I was curious about Mr. Evan Black. He was supposed to be mysterious and irresistible! Mysterious and intriguing, but so cold to Angie at first, I wanted to shake him! I was up for a very romantic story!

I was expecting to be blown away but Damien Stark did it first, so this was fine but not spectacular!

Angelina has had a thing for Evan for years, but her uncle and Evan’s mentor Jahn, told him to back away and he promised him he would. Feelings now he could no longer tame, so they get together, finally! And these are moments of pure raw passion.

Each of them has secrets that slowly start to come out. Angie wants to fly and Evan is the only man who can fly with her!

There are twists and turns that end up in an exciting final!
I would love to have more story about it here.

Secondary characters are good so I’m reading the next, I want to know more about Tyler and Cole!






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