Review: Down London Road

Down London Road
Down London Road by Samantha Young
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’ve enjoyed On Dublin Street, so I expected all good stuff about this one!

This time we know a little more about Johanna Walker, (I didn’t like her that much before… ) that girl who worked at the same bar as Joss? You know. Johanna flirts with everyone, she knows men and she tries her best, wants a steady income for the future, so she dates guys who can help her situation. At least it’s for a good cause, now I know, all of this is for her young brother Cole.

Their mother is ill, plus an aggressive alcoholic and Jo took her place too young, and looks after the houdehold. At that age she needed to be looked after too! Who takes care of her?

When Cam MacCabe meets her, he is all judgemental, he sees a girl dating only men with big money.
He’s a prick at first, but their instant attraction makes him struggle and he wants to know more about Jo,
he wants to believe she’s not that girl, she’s not what she wants eveyone to see. They became friends, he knows about Cole and her problem with her mom and understands all that wall Jo build against real love and their intense attraction wins after some fights.

Jo wants to be safe, wants Cole safe, can she really take a chance on love? What’s the future?

Well I judged Jo too. But as I started to know her, she did care for all the men she dated. It wasn’t so wrong like I picture it. I felt sorry for her, she wasn’t being true only to herself.

Cam made her happy, she could be herself and ask for help when she need it, now that he knew all about her family, he instantly loved Cole. Their relationship was very intense.

We get to see a lot, more than I expected, of Braden and Jocelyn, Ellie and her little sister. Loved the good friendship they all have.

Down London Road was a steamy, passionate read/listening! I’m ready for another one!




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