Review: Revealing Us

Revealing Us
Revealing Us by Lisa Renee Jones

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Good character development, interesting writting. I’m very pleased, but very curious too even though I didn’t like where the story went.

Review later:

Sara and Chris story gets further development but I don’t see Sara trusting issues get any better. He left her once… She thinks she’s getting through, all is new in Paris! Sounds good, it can’t get worst can it? Chris wants her in his life and loves her.

First there’s the language barrier, then some mysterious events like passport stealing, hold it for murder investigation, missing people, stalking and manipulating…

Meeting Chris friends from the past it’s another story, makes Sara stupid all over again and when that happens, Chris like a hero he is, starts talking about his issues to assure her… Now you tell her Chris? You leave her to the wolves. That’s not the better way to do it…

I felt they are not a trusting couple yet. Chris wants Sara to believe he is a big mystery to be sorry for and he only acts when it’s almost too late. Annoying!

Chris’s BIG dark secret, well was that a big one? While he kept staling for weeks for talking about it, finally and knowing it, it’s not that big of deal, we deal with problems even worst every day… The guilt stays with us, we have to fight it if we can and live with it. Was that making Sara give up on him? Was he that worried?

What about Mark? I need more Mark… What’s going on?
Did Ava really kill Rebecca? Is Rebecca dead? Please don’t be.
The journals are useful or not? And what the hell is Ella doing?

Revealing us did reveal we are not sure of anything.

On to the next one! I need to know!


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