Review: Until November

Until November
Until November by Aurora Rose Reynolds
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4* just for the laughs!

This book was difficult to rate, someone wrote. Yeah probably!

The need for editing, holes in the story, distracting grammar issues, and figuring out too soon, who was trying to kill November and why, yes, happened to me too.

I didn’t read it, I’ve been listening to the audio book and I know it was a little confusing, present and past in the same context or not, friendships that we never actually watch grow through out the book, some people were introduced in the beginning and were never there, but I got along.

The narrator was fine and seemed to cover all the editing well and I liked November and Asher interaction! They had chemistry too early, true, but the scenes were funny and steamy.

I liked November’s child-like excitement, even though I’ve read this type of character on several other books. Wasn’t something new but I’ve enjoyed the story with all its flaws.

All the other women were sluts… hmm … November was the only one new and beautiful… hmm… and Asher the neanderthal but sweet alpha male had to have her. This one, was not to be shared with all the other brothers. OK…

There were times I was actually laughing out loud, with all the non-sense.

I liked all of Asher’s family, they seemed very friendly and happy, the opposite to November’s, only now she knows what a family is all about.
I wish we could see her interact with her father more.
And I missed Beast a lot!

Asher was an alpha male that was not afraid to show his feelings! Asher was so bossy, possessive, but has a tender, sweet loving side only for November. He loosens a bit toward the end.

And five girls Asher? Really? 🙂

At the end I got a glimpse of Trevor and Liz, got me curious to read the next story!





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