Review: Fading

Fading by E.K. Blair
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I haven’t experienced something as traumatic as what Candace goes through, but I know how college and some particular moments could turn your life upside down. This was such a difficult matter, but it was carefully written and her feelings and reactions seemed pretty authentic.

I like that she keeps fighting for her dream of dancing, on top of everything she was going through. I was bored with her at times, a little frustrated with, not being honest with who care for her, refusing pressing charges against that monster Jack, getting mad when one suggests that Jack might do this to another girl… I understand that she was on survival mode, that was all that she could handle, I know.

I really liked Candace’s relationship with Jase. Well I definitely loved Jase!

Candace’s relationship with her parents, well that, didn’t feel real… I get the snobby and superficial, but it seemed too much. So Candace need of creating her own family was true, no one wants to feel alone.

Ryan was a great character! I was dreading the day she would find out! But Ryan was just what Candace needed. I forgive him! His background and past made him who he is. I’d like to read more of Ryan thoughts.

At some point Candace couldn’t go lower than the bottom, that scares her the most, you have to be really strong to snap out of it and she finally understands the need to stand on her own, a most needed breakthrough.

She ends up taking more control of her life and making other choices, realistic ones! She finds her way to happiness!

At the end we know we can’t have everything, right?

So, the resolution with Jack, I don’t know, it felt wrong… easy, too easy! I was a little disappointed. I wanted Candace to really take control of her life, knowing that there will be Jacks anywhere and that she will be ok!

This was an amazing story!

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