Review: Mystery Man

Mystery Man
Mystery Man by Kristen Ashley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Something different! Which is good, I don’t read so many action in a book that often! What an explosive one!

This was my first Kristen Ashley story and a very interesting one, liked all the characters, well defined. Good writing, a lot of funny parts.

But I can’t believe someone could have sex with a mystery guy for almost two years without knowing who he was. Some guy breaks into your house whenever he pleases, do whatever he wants and leaves… freaks me out! Seems like a sex dream you will never tell.

Drive by’s, explosions and life threats, who experiences this grows up, even if they don’t want to, but Gwen lives in her own world, like a princess… with all her charming knights to the rescue. After all that happens, she still thinks she can escape reality?

Hawk was a jerk at first, turns out to be super dominant and an arrogant bastard! Makes Gwen look like she has nothing in her head, doesn’t know how to make her own decisions.

Cosmo girls really love a bad boy! Hawk was all of that and excuses himself for being that way because of the shitty past he had…

I liked the biker guy better! He respected her feelings.

All in all this is a story like any other, it was fun to like and get frustrated with the characters for a while, but it was entertaining!



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