Review: Hero

Hero by Samantha Young

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A little disappointed… I…

This book starts funny but the story got confusing… I think.

I’ve read and liked a lot, some of Samantha’s stories, but this one, I don’t know… it didn’t seem Samantha’s writing. The plot, well… been there already… so many predictable scenarios. Got somewhat bored.

I am used to really strong characters. Alexa has an weaker one, she was willing to fight too much for a guy who uses women, doesn’t respect them at all, a complete a**hole.

He said, shout some really awful things to her. Hurt her too much, it was difficult for me to like him. A conflict begins.

She was funny, a bit immature, with a smarta** attitude, cool, but got hurt so many times, didn’t learn from it and forgave him too easily. She was afraid to be alone, afraid of not feeling loved, right… ok I know how it goes.

C’mon Lexie, he was hot, rich, your boss, you had great sex, … but you’re not a puppy, a bunny! And no rubber? Really!! The guy who would have all the women he wanted… family issues and all… Safety first girl!

Caine how can you be a successful guy and also be so stupid, rude, arrogant, stubborn, judging her just because some stuff happened in the past, ok it was dark, tragic, lost childhood, bla bla bla, but you’re not supposed to take it out on her. And you grew up to be such a saint!

Caine’s not admitting his attraction to even himself, leads him to act toward Lexie in a cruel, unjustified way. He treats her like dirt, this girl who has her own insecurities, get’s trapped in his emotions, his secrets.

She was always honest, he held every time something under the table… The conflict at this point was good, I like the chemistry, intensity, but the reason behind why he didn’t want more, just friends with “benefits”, wasn’t a good enough for me.

Sick relationship. He didn’t grovel much… when he finally pulls through and “saves” her, meeting his demons, I almost read past it without giving it the importance I should have. I was confused, like I said earlier…

I understand where the story was going, the realization that they were each other’s hero.

4* for a standalone.

But my expectations were much higher.


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