Review: Overruled

Overruled by Emma Chase
My rating: 3 of 5 stars


I was so in love with Drew that reading/listening to Overruled, felt… fresh OK… but really really different. Was it a good different?

Well… I really disliked Stanton, not the most appealing, nothing like Drew but all of the asshole. I hate the way he thought, his believes, trying to convince his childhood lover that they were meant to be together. But on his own terms.

In pursuit of his dreams, he spends his life obtaining his law degree, sleeping with other women, with a bonus… returning his hometown to occasionally visit his baby girl (He becomes a Dad in High school) and continues to bang his girlfriend on occasion, Jenny… he never marries her, never felt the need… like they made a deal, who was winning?…geeezz

Once this arrangement was threatened by Jenny’s marriage invitation (of course she was over with him, who would last?…) He then returns home and tries to destroy all Jenny’s plans, because she was his? Plus he gets his current sleeping buddy Sofia, to go with him as backup?… Unbelievable!

I really liked Sofia’s character, it kept me going.

Stanton doesn’t know how to be a dad… really?! What a jerk! Did I mention ass hole! After 10 years or so he acts like he is the kid!

Does he redeemed himself? NO.

The story goes around a woman he doesn’t end up with… what was the point of all this?

The author does a great job writing it, great love scenes and interaction.
I can easily understand she wants to create grounded, successful and lovable … maybe not, characters, even when they step away from the most important commitments in their lives…

Maybe this story wasn’t for me… maybe I’m being a little harsh, but it’s my honest opinion.

I’ll give it a try to the next book, but I don’t want to get stuck with another Stanton.

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