Review: Ruin & Rule

Ruin & Rule
Ruin & Rule by Pepper Winters
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4,5* Review at the end… it ends so abruptly… I need to recover knowing I won’t have the next book in the series ready! Ahhh!
It’s going to be hard to begin this review, I’ve been savoring it for days…don’t know how to start!

Ok! Let’s see the thoughts I can gather…

My Review:

Ruin & Rule was for me, a very anticipated book, even though I didn’t knew much about it, it didn’t give anything away in the preview. I heard something here and there. Motorbikes and bikers are things I like, read and enjoy so I’ve jumped right into it.

First, I liked the way the author starts this captivating story.

Captive is a word with a lot of meaning and intention and doesn’t even describes the importance around the whole picture. I say picture because pictures remind us of this and that, we record smells, we keep sounds, words spoken, our own fragmented memories… We depend on it.

I’m glad I have many…

Love the way the author turns the ugly in to a dark poetic world of words, it will test your limits, if you are prepared or not, sometimes predictable if you have the same way of thinking, sometimes it will drag you past your comfort zone. You’ll be thrown over the edge, your emotions will spawn in every direction.

Like the hardest mind game, only one thing kept me asking why…Why someone who has been through so much would hold back knowing who captured her? After all she’s been through… Lighter boy/man … burn …baby… burn…

Give this series a chance even if you don’t like this kind of dark. couldn’t put it down and it’s my first from Pepper’s.
Some parts might be hard to read… maybe because we know it can be that real.

It’s not a standalone so be prepared and wait with me till January 2016 Ahhhhhh!


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