Review: Manwhore

“A challenge is something you stop wanting once you acquire it. I can’t know if you’re a challenge yet until I make you mine.”

Manwhore by Katy Evans
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I like it!

Young girl reporter assigned to interview Saint (Sin) a playboy, hot and very rich… who can have any woman he wants. You know.

Rachel… she thinks… poor little one… she’s ready to work him and to get all the dirty details about his life. Huh…

This could mean a huge break for her future, against all her feelings, Rachel wants to keep everything strictly professional, yeah …right?!

Saint thinks Rachel is there to talk business, not to find out more about his personal life…his dirty little secrets… really? A guy like him, doesn’t know? He likes her work, but when he starts falling for her, he isn’t sure how to handle it. Women aren’t that difficult with him, why is Rachel different?

Eventually both give in to temptation…oh my! Sigh! Damn torrid affair! I’m glad I had the experience of the storm that is Saint. Malcolm Saint. Saint more like Sin! I’m sighing again!

Can Rachel let her guard down? Let her job go for a chance with Sin? Fingers crossed!

Mistake! Oh Rachel!

Malcolm finds out the truth splashed in the media… Why!?

Katy is a very talented writer who can make this so damn engaging! Well written and very rich story with funny supporting characters. Loved them.

And then it ends!!
Get away cliffhanger!! You are a bad one.


I won’t say more because I have the next book right here to read, but if you don’t have it yet, I’m sorry you have to wait!

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