2015 Favorites

Favorite pic I took


Favorite movies

images images (1)

Favorite song

Sia – Big Girls Cry

Favorite sweet … always

Dark Chocolate


Favorite books

22609310  9780425266496_p0_v2_s1200x630    n9cover

Favorite Fan Art… my edits



Favorite drawings


Favorite Poem… my first

You and me

You chose to shut me out
And I’ve tried to be
the best I could be

You would rather find love
somewhere else
So afraid to be loved
only by me

I have failed
My absence, my silence
It all got the best of me

I had faith and trust
you would see
But no hope is there now
For what we’re meant to be

True. You will never know
how good together
You and I
could be

By Monica Sofia



Favorite place to visit:

Florence, Italy

Favorite People I found through cyber…space:

Everything I Never Told You

Gentleman Writer



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