Review: Untamed

Untamed by S.C. Stephens

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

What can I say about Untamed?

I thought it was going to be funnier, at least.
I thought I would continue to appreciate the path in growth Griffin was supposed to live by now. I was sorry to understand in the first few chapters that it wasn’t to be happening any time soon.

Where was the Griffin I knew? And where were the other I loved?

I did like the titles of the chapters it made me remember the previous Griffin that I once laugh at.

Griffin was tired of being in the background. Who wouldn’t? Yeah we knew about that, the way he acted, reacted. But the way he was portrayed in this book, well it was hard for me to believe it was the same guy.

And then he was humiliated, degraded, they even made him grovel… We live in a world full of assholes and horrible people who don’t even come close to what Griffin is or was. Griffin had a weird behavior, sometimes childish, sometimes selfish, sometimes drunk and funny, but not a serial killer right? He was like some of us, right? And what the hell was going with D-Bags?

The band members treated him like sh*t, if he was less than a person.
I hated the way Matt treated him.
Kellan, well the Kellan I knew wouldn’t let most of the things happen,
but they did take place. What the hell KK?

Most of the characters didn’t seemed the same from the other books that I really liked and loved… Couldn’t related with Kiera or Danny. They were so distant. That was the hard part of the book. The characters seemed so different.

If I read this book first, I wouldn’t be interested in reading the next.

What I really liked was the marriage relationship him and Anna had. It was nice to see the team effort and the hard work to keep it. That’s why I can’t understand this Griffin marked attitude and everyone’s behavior towards him, he was a person, he was kind, he was nice even, clever, good with children… never a bad person.

I don’t know.

Don’t let this review make you stop reading from this author. I really like her. Didn’t liked this particular book and story. It is as if I didn’t need to know about this one. Could go on without it.

See you in my next review!

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