Review: Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed Doors
Behind Closed Doors by Lisa Renee Jones

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lisa Renee Jones is one of my favourite authors to read.
So three years ago I’ve started reading Behind Closed Doors at Storage Treasures
because I couldn’t get enough, it was free at the time, but only a few chapters.

I was so happy to know after some dates and formats change, it became a full novel
and Ella from Careless whispers was in it but now, some of her secrets were revealed! What?

“A Storage Unit Bought. A secret found. Passion. Danger.”

What else could you want? A NetGalley gift to review for sure! Yay!

Buying a storage unit, brings Skye an unexpected excitement to her dull life.
She finds a key to a locker in a bus station, a mysterious note and a poker chip.

Skye and Jason meet under some interesting, yet dangerous kind of moment.
Maybe there’s not enough time for the couple to experience much because the storyline moves rapidly. But guess what? I love the way it’s going.

The plot is entertaining. The impulsive invitation to join a poker tournament in Vegas,
sets inner struggles and fears in Skye.

The constant need for spontaneous to stir her life in another direction and this sudden yet dangerous attraction, Mr. Trouble, a mystery of a man although very sweet, can she trust him?

Skye sure couldn’t get inside his head. Yet she was testing his limits since they first met.

Ella is another exciting part of this standalone and we learn more about who she was before she lost her memory. (I’m very curious now).

The Author is really good about keeping you guessing until the end, love it.
Engaging and intriguing. While this book has characters from other series, did I say it’s a standalone yet? You won’t get lost and I highly recommend it!

ARC received in exchange for an honest review.

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