Author M. Pierce

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Night Owl by M. Pierce

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


How do I start? What an intense and totally different story! It grabbed me from the first or second paragraph, this audio book had a feel and a way of it’s own… some kind of dark and very sexy appeal!

This book is told in alternating POV’s between Matt and Hannah, I love this duality and Matt’s POV!

Hannah reveals herself, her life to us, but Matt keeps a mysterious dark man though! They have connected online, and started to write a novel together. They’ve been exchanging their writing through a non personal email account. They chat online through skype and they have never met. They shouldn’t. No private info was to be exchanged, no real names only their screen names: “Night Owl” and Little Bird”, no pictures, nothing! These were Matt rules of course, he wasn’t interested in anything else but to write and he searched for a good, the best, online writing partner, he needed this exchange.

One day “Little Bird” failed and sent him a chapter from her real Gmail account, personal picture and all. C’mon Hannah you knew you wanted to do it! After all he sounded familiar, like one of your favorite authors, but you didn’t know that yet! 🙂

Matt was furious but at the same time he couldn’t stop looking at Hannah’s pic and thinking about her! Their relationship was safe and innocent till this moment! What now?

Matt feelings, emotions begin to reveal and he’s so hot and sexy as he can be. They get involved in an very hot and sexy video chat and flirty dirty phone calls, that turns their life upside down! He wanted it to feel this too! His dirty dirty talk made me jump from bed! ah ah

We also see a more vulnerable man and a scared little boy with a big big heart. He had a girlfriend, away with her parents on vacation, sure, that was so easy! He has a rabbit named Lawrence ah ah ah and likes stuffed animal toys too! And sure Matt had some secrets, he grew up with a big inheritance and the love of writing and by now he had some bestsellers under his alias… M. Pierce… right!… That sounded familiar to me too! 🙂

He had to tell Hannah the truth but he couldn’t, he wasn’t ready! This thing between them was going so fast! This encounters made this big roller coaster ride of emotions without a way to stop it! But then we all know lies lead to more lies and in a distracting split second can be discovered! Matt is left alone with only himself to blame. He should know better and he returns to his big dark empty place, only writing as an escape until it stops, he can’t write without Hannah’s love!

Time makes it better for some but not for them. They try to fight their feelings, they know they love each other and they need to forgive themselves.

The end was close enough to perfect!

“Nothing lasts forever and nothing ever ends!”

Twisted story! Amazing sex, dirty talk, Love and Hope!
I Recommend it! Let’s see what comes next!

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