Interview with the Vampyre … ahem … Sylvain Reynard

One of my favorite Authors  Interview!!! (I’m so happy!)

Around the time of The Roman’s release, Sylvain Reynard was very kind to invite me for a drink at Teatro – a very interesting night club at Florence, Italy.

You can imagine my thrill. I was trying to make the Portuguese community of readers more visible on social media. Started a Facebook Page and as an welcome gift I had the opportunity to interview the Writer. (What should I wear?)

Focus Monica… SR was in a corner table not enough light to see his profile, but I knew it was him…


Hello SR, how are you? Thank you for taking some of your time doing this, to your Portuguese community.

SR: Thank you for inviting me Monica. I am grateful for this opportunity and I’m grateful for the support of the Portuguese community.

You wanted to be a writer since you know yourself right? Did you knew what did you want to write? Fiction, romance, mystery…

SR: When I started writing (as a child) I wanted to write fantasy novels similar to those by Tolkien and Lewis. (And maybe, Dante)

Using the story of Dante and Beatrice was something you always wanted to do? Do you have other stories, poetry or any other kind of art form to show us as well in the future? 

SR: I always liked the story of Dante and Beatrice and felt sorry it wasn’t better known. But I hadn’t spend a very long time contemplating the story before I began writing it.

Now, I’m writing a novel set in Paris that features a Brazilian heroine. It will be contemporary romance/suspense and will include a foray into Impressionism.

When and why did you thought it was time to bring the paranormal side of your writing?

SR: I began writing paranormal before I wrote Gabriel’s Inferno. And depending on how you read The Gabriel Series, there are supernatural elements in it as well. They’re just more subtle.

What is your favorite environment to write and or to get the idea of a story?

SR: I write at a desk and I can derive inspiration anyway. But I tend to be best inspired when I’m by myself, listening to music, or walking through an art gallery, or watching a play.

Tell your new readers and followers what can they expect from the Gabriel series?

SR: The Gabriel series is a love story about a professor and his graduate student who have a mysterious history. It’s about love, sex, forgiveness, secrecy, and redemption.

Tell your readers what can they expect from the Florentine series?  

SR:  The Florentine Series is a paranormal love story about two people from different worlds who met in Florence, Italy. They have to battle opposition from two worlds in order to be together, as well as various dangerous and challenges.

Want to leave a message to your Portuguese readers? 

SR: Muito obrigado pela leitura …SR

Anything you want to add?

SR: If you could simply express my warm holiday greetings to the readers and wish them all the best for 2017, I’d be very grateful.

And also to mention that Saída de Emergência is translating The Roman and I should have a released date from them soon. Thank you, SR

And in a flash I was left alone in the table with an half doughnut…

SRFansPortugal FB Page


Portuguese version of the Interview can be seen here SRFansPortugal – Notes


Follow us at @srfansportugal

Thank you Sylvain Reynard!

From the New York Times bestselling author of the Gabriel trilogy comes the anticipated conclusion to The Shadow, a sensual novel set in Florence featuring the dangerously intoxicating coupling of …

Source: Happy Release Day! The Roman by Sylvain Reynard


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