Review: Losing Kyler

Losing Kyler
Losing Kyler by Siobhan Davis

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’ve been waiting to read this book on a better mood because I already know I have to prepare myself for the fall. The cliffhanger on book one shook things up and you can probably expect that isn’t the last of it.

Coincidence or not I’ve been struggling the last couple of months, well years … With some shocking news myself… I’ve recently got aware that all my intents since childhood of keeping my family together were destroyed by lies… so I think and ask myself why have I wasted my life trying?… It hurts… Enough of me.

Now, on to the book.

Faye hoped to get her life on track but her uncle reveals some shocking news that will have her question everything. The one person she wants, she needs, can’t be.
There’s so much standing in their path and I can imagine the hurt… Now it’s up to them to decide what to do with the truth, face it or…

While this is Faye and Kyler’s story, there is also a lot going on with other characters. Everyone is so messed up and also made their fair share of mistakes. They don’t make the smartest decisions and they do leave me curious about how things will play out and if things will ever get better. So I keep reading and it’s entertaining! Distracts me from my RL so I’m all in.

The Author doesn’t want spoilers and I’m not the one to give any because I would like you to read it too 🙂 Just one warning : The ending of this book is again a bit of a cliffhanger, but it just makes me more curious… so will make you.

I was fortunate to get an advance copy of Losing Kyler in exchange for my review and I am now waiting for the next book!

I recommend this book to everyone!

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