Excerpt from Folsom

We are so excited to share an excerpt and teaser for Folsom by writing duo Tarryn Fisher and Willow Aster coming on May 29th!

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I stop dead in my tracks. Thereโ€™s someone else in here. At first I see only boots, large boots, too big for a woman. He hears me come in and perches forward on the sink to peer around the corner.

โ€œYou canโ€™t read or you donโ€™t care?โ€ he asks.

At first Iโ€™m too shocked to know what heโ€™s talking about, then I remember the Out of Order sign on the door.

โ€œI canโ€™t read,โ€ I say. โ€œIโ€™m just another stupid woman trying to have a baby.โ€

He laughs. It bounces across the bathroom walls and hits me in the chest.

โ€œWell, at least you have a sense of humor, stupid woman.โ€

Iโ€™m witnessing the very serious and stern Folsom Donahue laughing. I stand there staring at him, not knowing what to do.

And then I ask. โ€œAre you hiding, too?โ€

โ€œIn plain sight,โ€ he says. โ€œWho are you hiding from?โ€


โ€œHowโ€™s that working out for you?โ€

I eye his casual stance, the large hands resting behind him on the sink, the crossed ankles. โ€œNot well, since youโ€™re here.โ€

He laughs again, this time just a slow rumble while he watches my face.

โ€œI have to go,โ€ he says, pushing away from the counter. He walks toward me and my heart races. Iโ€™ve never been this close to a man. Heโ€™s just trying to get to the door, I tell myself. But, then he stops so heโ€™s towering over me. I have to bend my head back to see his face.

โ€œHave a good night,โ€ he says. And I learn for the first time what a smirk is. Full lips โ€ฆ teasing … I blink at him, my lips parting to answer, but then heโ€™s gone and Iโ€™m not even sure it really happened.

Synopsis for FOLSOM:

The nation as we know it is a thing of the past.

With the male species on the verge of extinction, a society called the End Men is formed to save the world. Folsom Donahue is one of twelve men whose sole purpose is to repopulate the Regions. The endless days spent having sex with strangers leaves Folsom with an emptiness no amount of women, money, or status can fill.

Until Gwen.

Gwen has wanted a child for as long as she can remember, but when she finally gets a chance to have her own, she uncovers a long hidden truth. The injustice she sees moves her to help save the men whom no one else believes need saving.

A forbidden love, grown in a time of despair, ignites a revolution.

Folsom and Gwen, torn between their love for each other and their sense of duty, must make a choice. But some will stop at nothing to destroy them.

Folsom is book one of the End of Men series.




The End Men: Folsom


Tarryn Fisherโ€™s Links:

Tarryn Fisher is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of nine novels. Born a sun hater, she currently makes her home in Seattle, Washington with her children, husband, and psychotic husky. Tarryn writes about villains.









Willow Asterโ€™s links:

Willow Aster is the author of True Love Story, In the Fields, Maybe Maby, Fade to Red, and Lilith. Willow loves nothing more than writing the day awayโ€”anywhere will do. Her husband and two children graciously put up with her endless daydreaming and make fun of her for reading while cooking.

Website: www.willowaster.com

Facebook Author Page: https://www.facebook.com/willowasterauthor/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WillowAster

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/willowaster1/

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