Filthy Lies by Raine Miller

Filthy Lies (Blackstone Dynasty, #2)Filthy Lies by Raine Miller
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Thank you for another must read! This is a very addictive series. Love the angst, it keeps me captive to every Raine’s words or book.

We’ve met Winter and James previously in book one of this series ,so I couldn’t wait. Glad she gifted me this Arc!

Loving the Blackstone family so it was easy to connect with Winter Blackstone and James, well sigh … didn’t disappoint.

Their chemistry was making me hot! 🙂

Winter has been in love with James since she was 15, swooped her off her feet when he came to rescue, but her love was kept as a secret for many many years.

James loved her for many many years too but to him she was of limits. She was his best friend Caleb’s little sister!

Until fate brings them together and will test them through sadness and happiness, is love ever be enough?

I recommend this book, this series.
Definitely a must read!

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