It’s been a weird start of the year considering the books I choose to read. I find myself not wanting to struggle every week with how many books I can read. And how satisfying it is for others, but not for me. My mental health needs a break.

Saying no to Authors, to stories that are not interesting or relevant to me. Plus some covers, romance covers who tend to be the same over and over again. With no taste at all.

Somehow I feel this genre is getting to a level of destruction, what it was and what it is now.

It’s like social media, “my story is better than yours”, “I can write”, everybody can. Is it good enough? Word blocks, signature blocks, theme blocks, genre blocks… I wrote it first, bla, bla, bla.

People free provocations which make no sense in the end because they don’t know what started it.

So I’m getting more and more selective. One book, two a month. Or none if I don’t feel the pull.


Author: Monica Sofia Alves

...waiting to be awake... ... dreaming in colors... I'm me. I'm true I feel, I paint. I play with paint, piano, even my guitar. Last, I write... oh and I smile everyday :) My first poem here:

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