My Review :: The Reinvention of Jinx Howell :: And a surprise by Nancee Cain

The Reinvention of Jinx Howell (A Pine Bluff Novel, #5)The Reinvention of Jinx Howell by Nancee Cain

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Damage souls trying to find meaning
for life, for love…

Artist & Bartender/Accountant
Jinx & Mark

Misconnections, addiction and recovery.
Suppressed memories, emotions return

You laugh, you cry
Your issues, your baggage.

Entire series is amazing!
I do recommend.

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The Resurrection of Dylan McAthie (Book 1) is now FREE on all platforms.

At seventeen, music legend Dylan McAthie ran away from his Alabama home to chase his dreams. Years later, he’s forced to return—coming full circle to escape the nightmare his life has become. Hounded by paparazzi and plagued by the aftermath of personal and professional loss, Dylan craves some quiet anonymity so he can regroup and sort out what lies ahead.

Hired by his estranged brother, Jennifer Adams knows exactly who Dylan is. She grew up next door to his family and has followed his career. But the surly, overbearing man she’s caring for as a private-duty nurse is far from the charming boy she remembers. Nevertheless, she’s determined to be professional, do a good job—and not fail at her first time getting away from home.

As her patient heals, his demeanor softens, and their interactions grow less antagonistic. Soon their chemistry is undeniable—and inappropriate—leaving the inexperienced Jennifer thoroughly confused. Adding to the turmoil, scandal finds Dylan once again, threatening all the progress he’s made and putting Jennifer at risk as collateral damage.

It’s up to Dylan to fix what his fame has so easily broken and find a way to move forward with his life. But will his resurrection mean the death of any relationship with Jennifer?


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And this Friday, come join me and Nancee Cain and special guests as we celebrate the release of The Reinvention of Jinx Howell!


Author: Monica Sofia Alves

...waiting to be awake... ... dreaming in colors... I'm me. I'm true I feel, I paint. I play with paint, piano, even my guitar. Last, I write... oh and I smile everyday :) My first poem here:

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