Find me

What you’re doing?

Making your appearance

after all this time,

do you even know me?


I don’t believe it’s been this long

But I keep seeing you

in the streets, in the words

in the meaning of things…


No, not again.


I don’t have time for you.

My mind is full, maybe empty

banned of all those emotions.

No time or space for your games


No matter what I do

you play in my dreams.

Like a hunter with an angel face

you hit where I’m most vulnerable.


Not fair.


I don’t like to sleep anymore.

Knowing that no matter the

sound, perfume or sight,

in that moment you’ll haunt me


Maybe you don’t do it on purpose.

But I’ve seen you play for real.

Am I dreaming still? I can’t believe it.

Was that moment true?

And yet you threw it all away.


Race me if you can when I’m awake,

you’re not that powerful after all.

You were never capable,

to find me.


Author: Monica Sofia Alves

...waiting to be awake... ... dreaming in colors... I'm me. I'm true I feel, I paint. I play with paint, piano, even my guitar. Last, I write... oh and I smile everyday :) My first poem here:

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