How the pandemic changed you?

Hello everyone!

I’m back. Hopefully for some chats.

I nearly forgot that I had a place here.

Was it because your life turned upside down during Covid shenanigans?

Not that, really.

But something changed.

My escuse should be : well I don’t have time.

Sure , you never had time!!

So what’s bothering you?

The stagnation.

The I don’t really care sentiment.

The obvious lack of moments to remember.

Nothing is attractive anymore.

No photos, no drawings, no music.

Social is violent.

Where’s the content that I used to love and share?

Ok the I don’t really care it’s a little absurd…

If I didn’t care I wouldn’t be here trying to make some sense.

Is it happening to you?

I hope you’re feeling well.

All the best.


Author: Monica Sofia Alves

...waiting to be awake... ... dreaming in colors... I'm me. I'm true I feel, I paint. I play with paint, piano, even my guitar. Last, I write... oh and I smile everyday :) My first poem here:

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