Review: Mine

Mine by Katy Evans

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Great book! Good performance in an audio book format. I enjoyed it!

More about Remy is never enough!

I love how Katy Evans describes everything! The way someone touches, someones hurts, someone laughs, different cries.

I enjoyed her writing, I understood her well, sometimes too well. I’ve imagined two Remys, one dark and one light, two different persons mixing together in my head, sometimes blending into the better man!
At the end I could see him clearly and understand.

Mine is the sequel to Real. I liked Real but Mine was hard to listen/read. It’s a continuation of the first book, entertaining yes, with Remington Tate all over the place, but chapter after chapter some of the sex/love scenes were not that important for me anymore…

I had to have a break from the audio book because I only heard and felt Brooke’s perspective… I felt her emotions, trust and jealousy issues. I was going crazy too! 🙂

We can’t never take anything for granted… Was Remington aware or he never thought about that? I get it, I do! He wanted her to know the “real” man…She get’s it! But does he?

Brooke was young, beautiful starting a career and every man would love to keep her! Didn’t they try? The men? No one? She could leave him because of misunderstandings, overheard talks, things that were so important to be said, but weren’t out in the open? She could, couldn’t she? She tried so hard for him, left everything for him!
She was so blind, loved him so much! But Remy was so hard to reach! Always quiet, she had to pull it out from him, hurting each other?

I know there’s love, that’s final, OK. But when in love, we share our deepest feelings and thoughts. (I think we should!) We want to breathe one another… Belong, become one! So why we leave things unsaid for the love sake?! Why do we want to spare the other one, who will fight for us no matter what, if we don’t know? Are you saved from pain, who bleeds the most?

The one thing I like more about Brooke this time was the way she handled Remy’s illness.

I don’t want to spoil the fun! You have to read it!

The secondary story or plot was not that interesting for me… at times I just felt: whatever…
The end was predictable, like I said, I understood where this story was going, pretty quick! Don’t think I didn’t like it though. 🙂

I liked the fighter blue and black swings and the power and perseverance in him! Refreshing side, a different look on love. I’ll keep it high in my shelf and I can’t wait to listen to the next book: Remy from Sebastian York’s voice! 🙂

My Remy 😉




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Review: Real

Real by Katy Evans
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4,5* Yep!


It’s a tide all right, be ready for a storm of emotions and some serious sexual frustration throughout 57% of this audio book!
But it was all goooood!

With a kiss, it all begins, for Brooke and Remy.

Brooke Dumas was a rising star that lost her dreams at Olympics trials with a serious damage knee. She can’t run anymore, broken, she still tries to survive it all searching for another dream, at least something to make her feel better, something to get her back on her feet again! She decides to get her Masters degree in Sports Rehabilitation.

After graduation she’s looking for a job as a rehab specialist, something she’s good at and probably would go on with her life, a little bit happier. Two weeks had past and she’s already tense because she’s got no answers yet, but she needs to find work soon.

Her best friend Melanie wants her to feel better and have some fun, so she drags Brook to an underground fight. She’s not that excited to go but then again it’s a good way, an opportunity to pass out cards and get her name out. She needs this job too much! What she wasn’t expecting at all was, Remington Tate’s tide!

Remington “Riptide” Tate is so hot and sexy, plus he is the best underground fighter they say, our fighter hero, heading to win the championship. Women lose their minds over him and all try to get his attention. But as he lays eyes on Brooke, they feel a deep connection, he has to have her and makes that happen, starting with that stolen kiss.

After that and with Melanie’s help they meet again and she’s ready to feel something, she’s so attracted to him, she’s tempted to have an one-night stand! But Remy hires Brooke instead! What? He asks her to work as his sports rehab specialist, with a three month contract.

She can’t believe it! Perhaps she misunderstood their connection, she’s been “out of order” 🙂 for so long… But she accepts it! She can’t think straight in his presence, but he makes no moves towards her, he keeps staring, not a man of many words, apparently he’s only interested in her special stretching abilities after training and after fights. Poor Brooke, just touching him is torture!

Riptide can have all the girls he wants but after meeting Brooke he turns all of them away. She knows he’s attracted to her too but he still doesn’t want to touch her.

Remy is a very complicated man, unpredictable, doesn’t talk much, but when he does… Oh my! So much more interesting and deep!(I loved the way he talked through music!) He has a dark side that keeps him a mystery, he’s afraid Brooke would run away, until she knows who he really is, he just can’t, can’t! She feels it, he has a broken side and he has trouble dealing with.

He has a bipolar disorder, refuses to take medication due to the effect it can have on his training. What effect? (I don’t know much about this, but I’m ok with it!) He has highs, very highs speedy times or he goes a very low depressed state, goes deep black and loses track of time. He can be extremely violent and has been sedated to get through this awful moments. That’s a shame! What effect he’s trying to escape?

As their friendly zone relationship grows, all about kissing and no sex, Brooke believes he wouldn’t hurt her and keeps trying to support him no matter what. She wants him desperately, sex is all she can think of now, every touch is fire and he feels the same, but refuses to go all the way, he will hurt her!

He’s resolved, Brooke needs to know the “real” him first and once he has her completely, he’ll never let her go.

And then BAM Fi-na-lly! Love scenes were great!

Later, much later in the book, Brook sees someone familiar in a dangerous place at a match and she is shocked, but does anything about it for a while… A little predictable that this last twist happened just for Remy to take some action to show all his demons, this leads to Brooke leaving… I thought she was stronger!

This book is written in Brooke’s point of view but we can go into Remy’s head from time to time and I loved every part of it!

Intense writing, best feelings ever!





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Review: Wallbanger

Wallbanger by Alice Clayton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I liked this story very much!

Wallbanger was the first book I’ve listen/read by Alice Clayton. Everyone was saying how good it was, great reviews, nice things about it and I had to check it out, right?
I was waiting to the point I had the need to read, feel something lighter and funny and so I did.

This book was amaze balls! Laughing too loud funny, even when it supposed to have some drama with the lost of oohs and missing woos. I’ve blushed several times and thought how the narrator could pull this of! She did ridiculously good!

Caroline Reynolds is funny, an independent woman, unafraid to say exactly what she’s thinking, my kind of heroine, good thoughts, really loves her job and I liked her very much too! She’s an Interior Designer and the story begins after she moves into a new apartment with her protective, very smart cat named Clive. Her friend and boss was lending the apartment and she was thrilled to move to a bigger home!

Great, I think. Best interior designers, yep. But they couldn’t predict such thin walls.
New building, thin walls, just great! Caroline couldn’t imagine how awake she will be for several nights in a row! Her new male neighbor likes it loud! She tries to figure out how he could have so much energy and so many women in the same week! Yeah, different sounds, spanks, giggles and meowings!!! Even Clive was crazy curious! She gets too close with her door’s peephole, just to see what all the fuzz was about. Got nicknames for every of them! Night after night, not sleeping enough, that was it! She had to confront the handsome crazy wall banger and tell him to be quiet, some people are lonely, tired, missing her “O” and trying to sleep!

When Caroline shows up banging on Simon’s door she forgot she was wearing nothing but a pink baby doll nightie and things got very hot and interesting. Their attraction was instantaneous, after all when she actually got to sleep for a few hours, she had fantasies, hot and rather loud wet dreams about that guy she didn’t even met yet.

Oh you’ll love Simon Parker! He works as a photographer, travels around the world to capture all the beautiful things he sees. He also collects sand from every place he leaves a little of his heart with. And he’s mad about zucchini bread! LOL He’s sexy, confident, charming, so sweet! I loved him! Yep, impossible not to fall in love with. Didn’t get the “Harem” different choice of women, though… he could have one just as easy and willing for a while, than another, why three at the same time like in a schedule? Oh well… I’ve enjoyed his wall banging works! The “Thump”…
“Oh, God”… “Thump Thump”… “Unbelievable…”

And how small the world can be, at her boss and friend’s party they bump into each other and between hate and a kiss that they had to, they come to a sort of truce. Things start to change, they are neighbors, they hear and see each other often and become much more friendly. They love to hang out together and the sweet tension starts to build but slowly. Love all the text messages and all the time they spend together as friends, really knowing and helping each other without taking it further. Just sweet and simple!

But is Caroline the one? Is she enough for him to leave his harem weird life? She wants him to see that they are different, better!

I loved Simon and Caroline’s interaction, chemistry, going back and forth on important things, trying to find the perfect one for each other. Brain, heart and lust, having questions, really liking their relationship to grow slow, carefully. Although I thought Simon was going to be rough! Not alpha male in the building!

Can’t forget Caroline’s friends, although it was a weird couple switch. And I adored Clive’s antics.
The end of this book was so fun, it was the perfect ending to this story!

Light, fun, sweet, witty and sexy. An amusing romantic read! Enjoy it!




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Review: Being Me

Being Me
Being Me by Lisa Renee Jones
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Goodbye. Love. Rebecca.


I love to hear Grace Grant, the narrator, performs every characters voice to perfection!

Being Me continues where If I Were You left things.

Sara still wants to find Rebecca and after some missed phone calls to her friend Ella, who said was eloping and on her honeymoon in France and then Italy, she’s concerned of her whereabouts too.

We get much closer to Sara’s relationship with Chris, but Chris still is full of secrets and pain, he can’t seem to trust Sara to open up. He knows she can’t handle it, he can’t and won’t hurt her, but shutting her out is doing worse, I think. We are lead to believe he needs pain to go through with his nightmares, we get closer to his deeper feelings, a dark secret, so different from Mark’s, “the Boss man” that claims all he wants to give and feel is pleasure. Mark seems cold at first, domineering, all power, but sexy like a magnet of seduction and so different from Chris, when it comes to answer Sara’s questions, Mark is an open book, he doesn’t hide like Chris.

Sara’s need to connect with Chris and stay out of Mark’s control outside work, makes her go down on an way darker path to find the real Chris and this makes their relationship hotter than ever, very much consuming. I almost forgot Sara’s quest and thought she did too!

Both of them have been through so much in the past, maybe that’s why they need each other to heal or to damage further. Sara is so afraid to tell Chris about her past too. She lied to him, a little lie but he is so damaged, that when another tragedy happens, telling him her story will break him, he will be completely lost. Chris feels the same, if he tells everything, he knows he will scare Sara away. We still don’t know exactly how bad things were with Chris, why he is like that…

Sara’s questions for the truth, makes friends become not so much friendly. I feel the danger and then the last chapters blow up!
Secrets are revealed in a threatening way! So much for the control! Everyone looses… We find out who Rebecca’s Master is. I already knew that, but we know at last where Rebecca is and what she was trying to do. Many things about the journals are now out in the open. Some of it was easy to figure out, other just shocked me! And I’m getting used to having a cliff to hang to as the audio book stops and dies!Ahhhhhhh

I’m satisfied with all the answers and yes it left me wanting the next book!




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Review: If I Were You

If I Were You
If I Were You by Lisa Renee Jones
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Review later?
I’m glad I have the next book in hand so I won’t trip on the cliff 🙂


I’ve listen to Rebecca’s lost Journals first, so I was feeling like Sara when she read the first journal, I wanted to have closure and I was a little upset and thrilled at the same time, well at the end of Rebecca’s Journals I got a glimpse of The Master Undone:

I told him goodbye, and I will not call him. I know if I do, it will be my undoing, and I’ll once again be caught up in his spell. I will once again be…lost.

…In her private journals, Rebecca laid bare her soul, revealing her obsession for the one man whose erotic demands captivated her imagination–and enslaved her forever. Now, with Rebecca no longer in his life he is lost, questioning everything he thought he knew about himself and about control he holds in such high regard. One women will reach out to heal him and then turn away, leaving him haunted. She is nothing he thought he wanted and somehow everything he needs. He tells himself to forget her but he cannot escape his desire for her. He has to have more…

I knew something happened and I can’t spoil it!

The journals from Rebecca’s point of view were so dark and addictive like a drug. The characters were so captivating and the sex scenes wow… emotions all over the place. 🙂

So Sara sets to find her, but her life is about to intertwine with Rebecca’s in an odd way. She finds two mysterious and very dangerous guys, Chris and Mark.

The search for Rebecca started but I think it was moving very slow, Sara was caught between this two men.

Chemistry with Chris was spontaneous and fast, he’s rich and famous and yeah great it seems his money doesn’t overpower him. He’s possessive but sweet and funny and has a big secret… Don’t we all do! 🙂

They were everything each other needed and they were good to each other although they thought they were destructive too. Chris was hard to decipher sometimes and Sara was slow to trust him.

Chris Merit an amazing artist, was not the only man in her life, Mark Compton, her boss, all about money and control, owns the Art Gallery. This place is the center of all the plot, where Rebecca was last time seen.

Mark is even more mysterious, wants the best for Sara (I think…) they are both very protective of her. But Mark gives some dangerous vibes, a little creepy at first glance and she’s convinced little by little that this man is the man behind Rebecca’s journals. The Master who made her run away or worse.

Along the way we build pieces of the story, but it’s not close enough, when something big happens, this audio book ends of course!!!

Anyway, I recommend this book and all the next in the series!




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Review: Twisted

Twisted by Emma Chase
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4,5 stars

Expect the unexpected

We start off right before Tangled ended, this book is told by Kate’s perspective, I had the funniest moments with Tangled, so what to expect from Twisted, well twisted moments were coming!

I thought I would laugh so hard with this one too, but no, instead of funny moments, this book is all about drama and misunderstandings! A big turn on life, to think about it, for this couple, I thought they would last forever. They have been together for two years I thought by now, they would trust each other…

Some time along the way I was tired, depressed and thinking if I should or not move forward some chapters… I didn’t want to know Kate’s drugs or alcohols encounters, met a new Billy it was like a new person and I never ask for.
I guess I was missing Drew. I know, I know, what he did was stupid, selfish again, very extreme. I don’t know if I could forgive him! Someone who want’s to hurt their soul mate just because you saw something and you believe it’s true without thinking it through.

Kate and Drew I thought I knew you, I thought you were stronger and would act like it!

Near the end, they find each other and I’m thinking (again), this was so easy, so much love thrown away because of some kind of betrayal or stupidity, so much drama before and now it was it, didn’t felt relieved… One week and that’s all, promises, promises… I wanted more, twisted enough yes, sometimes we don’t see it’s there all this time… but I would never shut up, but that’s OK, I understand I’m not everybody and because at last, I had the chance to hear Drew’s voice again!

Love to meet Drew Evans and see some of Dee Dee’s outfits 🙂

I recommend this book!




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Review: Tangled

Tangled by Emma Chase

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The funniest thing!

Getting into the head of this sexy hot guy, was awesome, great timing for me to pick this one and had so much fun!

He’s not just sexy, but really funny, made me laugh so hard throughout this audio book  and Sebastian York’s voice,

ladies if you have  been listening to him before you know what I mean! Damn!

It feels like you’re right there with Drew Evans, the way he thinks and feels and he’s teaching us something like the arrogant bastard he is!

Some say, even him says, he’s a jerk, at least he’s honest about it!

He fells hard and madly in love with no other woman than Katherine Brooks, an independent, confident, hard working, very professional, classy woman, a complete match but also engaged to another guy!

He tries so hard to seduce her, but she’s not buying it, this self-center full of …. of a guy, she’s the only one who can break him! The one to bring him down! Ah gotta love Kat, he thinks he’s got this but it’s her! She just allows him to seduce her, that’s a different kind of story Drew, she’s so much more!

So how does Drew handles this twist of events? Drew gets the <i>flu!</i> 🙂

I smiled and smiled, quotes from Braveheart and talks about  frogs lol

And if you want to know more about Drew at the moment, you can go to his website here From the Desk of Drew Evans 🙂

This book was smartly written and very entertaining! Great romantic funny quick read!

Can’t recommend this enough!

Twisted is next!




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Review: The Edge of Never

The Edge of Never
The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Had a tough weekend, so I did need to smile, funerals and stuff… nevermind!

Camryn and Andrew’s story was a great escape!

Started listening to the audio book version, what’s new? 🙂

Camryn’s journey was something!

The first impressions reminded me of a movie called Before Sunrise that will remain has one of my beautiful memories.

At first the reason for leaving everything behind wasn’t enough for me, just getting away, after one week at her new job, when her mother was trying so hard to get her one… a fight with a best friend? Best friends that trample all over you? At twenty years old…really? (Maybe I’m a little more exigent nowadays).

Lost her “partner” in crime, ok that’s something… but without a job, no dreams, no money… yes, if it was real, that would be an issue for me, in books, isn’t… this is just my point of view, y’know? 🙂

I had all this questions in my head. Personally, since I know myself, little as I could be, I would always ask what if, go with the moment, just ride, absorb everything good in life, laugh, smile, no regrets! I was sure! I didn’t know what I wanted, but I did knew what I didn’t want. Then again, books and good stories catch you 🙂 and this story did, although some bad reviews, about not so special writing… I like it and I give some stars for the journey…

Running away just to breathe, I do understand! I had just to remember it was a book and in that moment, I met Andrew (golly!) and his tattoos! 😛

I loved their interaction on the bus, their POV’s, it was fun! While their trip develops I start to have some theories and I’m afraid I’m right this soon! I needed to know, to figure out what was wrong with Andrew!

Got distracted with the highway rides, the rain, the grass, the songs (I sang Hotel California along …) moon and eating bugs 🙂 and of course New Orleans, were so good!

They were so intense, I knew at some point the two were having sex but, what was that? “Rough” sex, some weird fantasies that didn’t match… I did stop reading /listening, did I need to go back and read again? This was confusing, it almost ruined the story for me at least for a moment! It was a relief not having a dom weird situation going on for long. I realized I didn’t exactly need this kind of sex part on the book 🙂 After all that stuff, baby alert! Deep inside I knew 9 mouths ahead she would have a tiny mini Andrew or Cam.

Going along, something wasn’t right… I had my suspicions and it was a lot of drama in so little time… Oh my!

If what’s important it’s to live in the moment, forget the past, listen to your heart, don’t waste a second of your life, live everyday as your last, I understand now, why Andrew didn’t tell, but at the same time he did say to Camryn to always say what she feels and never hold back… Don’t be afraid!I guess it was only one way! C’mon Andrew!

I liked this story and definitely will be reading the next!
I want to know what’s at the end of this open road!

Got my bare feet up on the dashboard and I’m turning the radio on to some classic rock songs!




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