Review: Kill it with Magic

Kill it with Magic
Kill it with Magic by J.A. Cipriano

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Almost 4 stars!

Why? Because I like the writing, the pacing was fun. So many adventures in between!

Kill It With Magic is book one in the Lillim Callina Chronicles by J.A. Cipriano.

The Author kindly offer me a free read.

I don’t normally read “YA” Fantasy books. It was my first.

The book starts out with lots of crazy action and it goes on until the end.

There were so many characters and some came up from nowhere and I was a little lost…had no idea why they were there and part of the story, hopefully they will be revealed in the future. I think there is a previous book about Lillim…

Talking about Lillim. I liked Lillim, she was easy to like, although she was always fighting for her name, after that not forgotten reincarnation,why did people remember.
It was really bad …I guess.

It was just funny, how she was that strong, had a lot of magic, but young to know how to use it, so much power, no time to learn, just react, to help an ex boyfriend…hmm…getting almost killed and be 100% renewed the next day or hour and getting nauseated all the time!!!! hahahaha

Teletransportation by phone, wow! Like a super dangerous roller coaster with no end!

The read or listening was enjoyable, the narrator did help with the pace of the story.

Had a “Kill Bill” fantasy magic paranormal supernatural moment 🙂

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