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ConnectionConnection by Morgan Locklear
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4,5 * and still counting!

Why do we believe children can see more than adults? Because they see without baggage, with innocence and curiosity.

Olivia first contact was scary but at the same time inviting, she hasn’t lost her curiosity after growing up, she did realize the light after passing is very competitive and makes a promise to learn more about it and try to help at some point.

After meeting a friendly one, she must understand if she is helping or trying to save herself ?

I was gifted this Arc and I really enjoyed this paranormal journey.

Love every chapter title!

The author has an amazing point of view on art, music, air that was New York back in the 80’s. I’ve completed all senses.

Very colorful painting.

Maybe I’ve confused you with my weird choice of words. I hope I can convince you to read without spoiling it for you.

I recommend this book so very much. I’ll be reading this again soon because I know I’ll miss it.

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PassionFlix News – Sylvain Reynard

PassionFlix News – Sylvain Reynard
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Your thoughts?

I’m a little concerned
about all the movies
from books we ladies read
(yeah it’s a thing…)
that are coming out.

I think they are

banalizing them,
and we are all getting
caught down the spiral.