Naughty Books :: A Documentary

Come into the world of erotic romance and meet the authors who made millions by transforming their fantasies into fiction.


NAUGHTY BOOKS: A Documentary directed by Austen Eleanore Rachlis and starring Kelli Maine, Laurelin Paige, Kristen Proby, CJ Roberts, Aimee Garcia, Allison Tolman and Aisha Tyler is available now!


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About Naughty Books

No one was prepared for the success of Fifty Shades of Grey. Originally written in 2010 as a piece of Twilight fan fiction and posted online, it eventually sold over 100 million copies, taking erotica mainstream. But women didn’t only read erotica in large numbers; they also wrote it. In the aftermath of Fifty Shades a cottage industry emerged around self-published romance novels.

Once women who worked forty-hour-a-week jobs, living paycheck-to-paycheck, many of them are now New York Times bestselling authors with their own merchandise lines and die-hard fans. Naughty Books follows three such women: an Air Force vet, a telemarketer, and a hospital administrator who became millionaires in under a year by using pen names to sell erotica online.

They garnered thousands of fans and secured lucrative book deals with major publishing houses by writing about good girls and bad boys finding love and having steamy sex. However, as more and more people saw writing erotic romance as a quick path to money and fame, the market became saturated with hundreds of romance novels published every month, making success difficult to maintain…


Naughty Books will be available to rent on October 13th across digital, cable, and satellite platforms.


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Close to perfection, my heart is full

My Reviews 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Part 1

The set, the music, the chemistry… the importance and respect in details…

Wow the intro is perfect! The film is very true to the book ❤

A work of Art transported to film.

Julia and Gabriel were really well represented.

It’s romance, it’s love, it’s friendship, forgiveness, redemption and beauty.

Everything really, was like I’ve pictured.

It scared me a bit, it was exactly like that, in my mind…

Thank you Sylvain Reynard and Thank you Passionflix for making these characters come to life!

Part 2

Once again, attention to detail, moments, spaces, the environment, respect for the words, the emotions! The way to get the image, the message to the viewers ✨

My congratulations to the actors, the director and all the staff that left us with a full heart!

Thank you so much #GiulioBerruti #MelanieZanetti #Sylvain Reynard #Tosca Musk and #Passionflix

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Gabriel’s Inferno by Sylvain Reynard – Official Trailer (PASSIONFLIX) :: Read more


The trailer for the movie adaptation of my favorite book series is live!!!

If you haven’t read the book, you must before the movie releases!



Tell me what do you desire?

Gabriel’s Inferno by Sylvain Reynard

It’s happening… the script for Gabriel’s Inferno is being written!

What’s your dream cast?





Confess by Colleen Hoover on iTunes 🍿✨

So this is happening!!!

This is your chance to watch or re-watch one of my favorite Colleen Hoover stories

Confess, Season 1

Confess Gallery:

Meet the artist Danny O’Connor:

From a favorite show…


Brit Marling is an innovative actress, independent filmmaker, and writer. And it all started when she defied being typecast and an ordinary life.
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My Review :: Connection by Morgan Locklear ::

ConnectionConnection by Morgan Locklear
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4,5 * and still counting!

Why do we believe children can see more than adults? Because they see without baggage, with innocence and curiosity.

Olivia first contact was scary but at the same time inviting, she hasn’t lost her curiosity after growing up, she did realize the light after passing is very competitive and makes a promise to learn more about it and try to help at some point.

After meeting a friendly one, she must understand if she is helping or trying to save herself ?

I was gifted this Arc and I really enjoyed this paranormal journey.

Love every chapter title!

The author has an amazing point of view on art, music, air that was New York back in the 80’s. I’ve completed all senses.

Very colorful painting.

Maybe I’ve confused you with my weird choice of words. I hope I can convince you to read without spoiling it for you.

I recommend this book so very much. I’ll be reading this again soon because I know I’ll miss it.

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Captive In The Dark Feature Film 🎬

Captive In The Dark Feature Film

Good Morning! I can use your help. The #Kickstarter campaign for Captive in the Dark Movie is live and in need of your support.

We only need 10K people to pre-order the film at $20 to make our goal.

Would you like to see the movie? Are you willing to pledge and pre-order your copy?

PassionFlix News – Sylvain Reynard

PassionFlix News – Sylvain Reynard
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