My light

Today Words are loud

In my case I wish for Silence

To reach between the gap

A moment of Clarity

A moment of serene Bliss

That bliss turns into a Nightmare

In the back of my mind

My Light doesn’t work

Until I need it Desperately

My light has a peculiar Behavior

to wrestle to Wake me


Another way of things…

My own blood

It’s weird to feel it and it’s hard too
When you’ve been worried
with someone who has no clue 
you even talk or exist You should’ve known by now
You are nothing more 
than an uncomfortable shadow
A memory you want to forget

In portuguese …

“Aqui nesta praia onde
Não há nenhum vestígio de impureza,
Aqui onde há somente
Ondas tombando ininterruptamente,
Puro espaço e lúcida unidade,
Aqui o tempo apaixonadamente
Encontra a própria liberdade.”

Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen



Poem Photo prompt again ;)

Through those windows

I dream in color

Through those windows

I see my savior

Through those windows

I see my reflexion

My eyes search myself

and see freedom

All we got left

All we got left it’s to forgive to move on.

The slap we got when we were 3 or 4 years old,
not sure what just happened,
for our parents to yell at us and hurt us.

We learn to forgive or at least forget,
so we can live another day smiling.

We wake up to the same parents who hold us
when we are sick, when we are sad.

We learn to say yes and say sorry,
we’re taught to understand what’s right and wrong.

Confused that outside the right and wrong are different.
We believe our home is safe.

When we get old, our home is where we are.
All we got left it’s to forgive to survive.

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Tell me what do you desire?

All Poetry

You learn

What a bunch of bull! 

They say if you fall you learn
You learn and you grow

I’m hundred years older
I don’t feel better
I didn’t get better
But bitter

And it keeps coming
All the best things in life 
Have to be fought for

Where’s the relief?
Where’s the joy?
Where’s the wins?

Who made me?
I want the refund.

by Monica Sofia

Give me something…


Give me something…


It’s all about you isn’t it?
How are you?
You, always you!

Give me something…

I’m here always
I know always
you still believe it?

I’m like a ghost
Even better, I’m like a shadow
but not an ordinary one

Nothing is wrong with me, Stop it!
Manipulation was my starter kit
my own manual of instructions

I’m the artist, the author
the mind, the guilty
I knew you all along!

Give me something…

Don’t you recognise me?
Too bad it sucks
try your own venom!

Forgive you?
Hilarious desease
I’m imune

Give me something…

by Monica Sofia


I stand here
In a confusion of thoughts
I want you to feel
But why my heavy heart?

Beats and it hurts
so I can’t sleep
A last whisper a trust
a try to find me

Next but hard to breathe
the air so you can hear
For  your sake and mine
Please realize I’m real

I’ll wait for you in dark
To save and to keep
hold on to the light
my dream deep


Poems at a Poetry Contest

I was informed I got first place on a poetry contest 🙂

This is the poem, what do you think?


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