You Want it Darker



Why won’t you share 
How happy you feel with me
How much do you care 
To keep us in privacy

I see you smile at the world
But just the eyes on me 

If I talk, who’d believe me?

by Monica Sofia



I’m a candle which burns
just to see you light up

Almost done, hate to leave you
lost and back in the dark

But like you said
it was my purpose

Last night

​Got the sudden urge

to get outside and

search the moon

I feel you watching 

I turn around and 

fire burns inside
I forgot the moon

I’ll keep dancing on my own

An evening of past memories
sweet glances of moonlight
such enticement of a thing
turns me although trembling
into a soften breeze

While fences breaks my skin
wind sounds will caress me
drying tears of my sleep
lingering and whispering
hidden in the shadows

Such a stillness in words
as abstract as I paint
hanging by a thin thread
drifting until I see
stars spotlighting on me

Until the music sets fire
and drafts wander free
your true essence shown
I’ll keep dancing on my own




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Something I’m trying to do


Last time I thought

I was loving you



Now I don’t think

that’s true

I have to admit

I was wrong


I’m over you


You are just

a moment

a lost memory


I’m stepping aside

for others

to fill my void


It’s funny

I never thought

this could be


I don’t

need you now


I never had


You never did


I’m free

but I’m cold

I’m strong and braver

than I’ll ever be


but I’m cold


By Monica Sofia




I’ll kiss you

I dream about you

wide awake

in my arms

It’s the last time

I sleep alone

dreaming of you

in my arms


I’ll kiss you

every day and

 every night




by Monica Igreja

Love Unknown

How do you love?
Tell me, ask me
True and deep, raw or unknown

Desperate haunted, on the edge
Suicidal, dark and broken
Stolen, caged, out of this world

Let me love you
Fierce and fearless

Let me go, don’t let me

Break me, save me
Leave me home

By Monica Sofia

What were the odds

What were the odds

we both liked the attention

What were the odds

we both liked same things

What were the odds

we knew so much about us

yet so little


What were the odds

I would risk to answer for you

so comfortable, so easy

What were the odds

you thought I knew too much

What were the odds

You would fear me

and at the same time

want me

What were the odds


by Monica Sofia





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