Review: This Love’s Not for Sale

This Love's Not for Sale
This Love’s Not for Sale by Ella Dominguez
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

An erotic funny book, filled with love and laughter!

We meet Tucker McGrath,a gorgeous and arrogant, brutally honest, alpha male, fond of bondage and discipline and all his adult life used to get his way. He seeks and demands respect in all forms. A real estate mogul that as given up on love and thinks only about money but deep down he really wants a family but shh for now ๐Ÿ™‚

And then we meet Liliana Norris, a beautiful and stubborn, opinionated and feisty dental hygienist who has inherited a house from a very close to her heart relative, with a large land. That house is special to her, reminds her of her mother and aunt and all happy moments. She moves in, hoping to start her new life, she’s all alone and she wants to feel close to her family, even if they’ve past away, she thinks happy thoughts about this house and fields and she definitely needed to leave her cheating awful ex-husband away on another state, or planet.

Lilly and Tuck find chemistry, physical attraction to one another the first time they met.

As a real state mogul thinking about all the money and an early retirement, he focus on buying his way into her heart to get her land. But Lilliana doesn’t want to fall in love, not interested on being pursued by this very hot and arrogant bastard only interest was her property and she’s definitely was not for sale!

Things start to heat up and Tucker falls for Lilliana. That lovely sassy mouth of hers gets her punished every time and finds out the need of submission. Those days were sexy hot! But then again she really didn’t trust him and lying was a deal breaker and then she discovers his true motivation, wrong place, wrong time.
Giving in to his fantasies and emotions, still waiting for revenge, she takes no crap from Tucker and studs up for herself, leaving him.

Their story is strong but they changed their thoughts and feelings for one another over and over, it was their true weakness.

He needed her and she needed to be wanted.

Loved how Tuck learned to respect her, to love her, let her be herself and not wanting to change her! Sweet lovely dominant man! The sexual tease,that kind of emotion and desire, I wish this book was longer!

I’ve learned some sexy text messages, they were a lot of fun!

Sweet story! Loved the cave man at the epilogue!


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Review: Beautiful Bombshell

Beautiful Bombshell
Beautiful Bombshell by Christina Lauren
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This novella takes place after Max and Sara’s book, Beautiful Stranger. If you’re in need of something light, sexy and fun this is the book for you!

This audio book was told in alternating chapters between Bennett and Max and I loved loved their voices!

The boys, I mean Bennett, Max, Will and Bennett’s brother Henry are in Las Vegas celebrating Bennett’s bachelor party or stag weekend like Max calls it. It’s suppose to be a weekend free from their ladies, just for the boys to play, but it’s Valentine’s Day and these ladies can’t let them go that easily, after all it was all the break they had before the Wedding.

The first time the guys knew the girls were in the same city, once they had a taste in a strip club,(Johnny French’s one) for Bennett’s surprise, a blindfold lap dance from Chloe herself and not so surprised Max’s waiting naked attached to a table Sara, in an voyeurs room… They just can’t leave it at that and the boys will stop at anything to keep finding Sara and Chloe around Vegas.

It’s was funny to see Bennett and Max trying to sneak out the party to their ladies, without the rest of the group knowing. Henry was drunk and all about winning big time at the Casinos to notice, but Will well, we get to know him a little and his humor.

Bennett’s and Chloe relationship is strong and they’ve grown to trust each other, they are playful and more intimate, but at the same time they need to test and tease each other and that drives them crazy as always! I loved how Bennett now knew that Chloe was the one, he couldn’t imagine life without her and we see the sweetest part of him.

Max and Sara’s relationship it’s going strong too and they are so sweet to each other, they know themselves very well as they know each other.

When the boys were all together, it’s was really funny, the pranks and all that! We start to know more about Will’s character all geeky but after all funny and the best friend any of the boys should have! I’ll miss them!

I just hated it’s was a really short story… But and hot and sexy one!

You’ll enjoy it!

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Review: Beautiful Bitch

Beautiful Bitch
Beautiful Bitch by Christina Lauren
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This novella was very sweet, with a lot of steamy and hot scenarios like I thought it would be. It also sets up the back stories for other characters in the Beautiful series such as Sarah and Max.

One thing about this audio book that annoyed me a bit at first was Bennett’s voice. I wasn’t sure about it, that was not how I imagined Bennett would sound like! But apart from that first impression, the male narrator did a good job after all!

Chloe and Bennett continued their no boundaries, hot, steamy relationship.

When Chloeโ€™s career starts to take off, Bennettยดs treats her like his equal, but made him think about his life what he achieved and he now wants something different. As Chloe goes up, he was on the other hand, in need to slow things down and starts to miss her. They’ve been apart for weeks because of their jobs and the moving to New York for the New Media Group branch, it’s making them crazy!No time for each other at all!

He feels different than with any other woman, with Chloe he wants it all, he needs Chloe in his life for good and refuses to take no for an answer, so they find themselves with plane tickets to France, sometime alone, to be themselves just with each other. Last time they thought of vacation together didn’t end well, always because of work and this trip with a few stumbles apart will be a memorable one! They talk about it, not fighting this time and all ends pretty damn well!


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Review: Beautiful Player

Beautiful Player
Beautiful Player by Christina Lauren
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Beautiful Player was a good end to a “male turn on series”!

Loved the characters dept in this one… what’s on their minds and hearts and the story yes, like we are used to, if you read Beautiful Bastard and Beautiful Stranger, still alternating between his and hers POVs.I like that idea, knowing exactly what they think and feel at the moment.

Playboy Will Sumner was odd for me in the first and second book… but now I’ve enjoyed knowing him. I don’t know if I like him the most of the tree handsome guys.
Hanna’s nerd and geek personality ahahah who canโ€™t resist her? Very smart and funny usually her thoughts became live without filter…

Player Will has always seen Hanna โ€œZiggyโ€ as his best friendโ€™s kid sister, a 24 year old graduate student in New York City that’s completely immersed in school or at work, like a lab rat, not leaving time to be social. Her big brother Jensen tells her she needs to start living, tries to convince her to contact his best friend Will who lives close by. To have fun to go out,to live. Inexperienced has she was, she tries and asks him to help her dating. Hanna knew Will when she was younger and had a crush on him but after all these years he was still attractive to her, she knows he’s still a player, but she knows too, she could learn from him, she could learn from the master and she want to learn everything, how sex was like to a men in every possible way, she want to please and be pleased.

At one point of the story she meets and makes friends with the female girls from the other books. They try to help her too. Anyhow I didn’t particularly like this part, didn’t find the amusement of making her not so smart to choose clothes and bras… (I’m a little geek myself but I know how to dress, what I like, what makes me feel sexy and comfortable…) She was too smart very intelligent even, so didn’t understand… but well… apart from that, a very hot steamy sex story!

Heโ€™s happy to help her be more social, to date, to make friends in a new city and not throwing her straight into his bed… Yes he has been a player since he discovered sex, his life was good no strings attached, nothing more than sex and he had a schedule for specific days of the week with some female lovers.

As he gets to know Ziggs, he realizes that sheโ€™s grow and become a beautiful woman, not that teen geek he remembered, and his teaching could be more than he can handle, yes she teaches him a lesson he’ll never forget.They soon develop into a fun friendship, but their chemistry makes it difficult to keep their hands off each other. Will begins to feel different, those weird feelings he’s not used to, he knows now he wants more from a woman and not any woman, just Hanna.
Hanna still wants to play dating she isn’t ready to settle and knows that Will doesn’t know yet what more means and she knows better not to fall for him. But deep inside she knows she’s in trouble! She fights but looses every time!

They connect to damn good physically but don’t communicate as good! They are lost in thoughts, thinking too much around the same thing, being exclusive and committing. Will is older and had enough playing around and finally wants a real relationship with just Hanna. Hanna thinks he still wants to have fun with other women and she keeps acting like she just wants to be friends with benefits. Now that Hannaโ€™s discovered she has the power, will they talk to each other?


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Review: Beautiful Stranger

Beautiful Stranger
Beautiful Stranger by Christina Lauren
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In the follow up to Beautiful Bastard, I’m introduced to Sara Dillon and Max Stella. Such great characters, I can relate immediately! As similar to Beautiful Bastard each chapter alternates between Sara and Max’s first person perspective.

Chloe’s friend, Sara starts working to Bennett and Chloe’s new branch of Ryan Media Group, department of Finance in New York.
Max is a friend of Bennett’s from college that has been in New York for some years now, a successful capitalist with his mom working as his secretary receptionist! ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s cool to see old friends interact and if you read Beautiful Bastard you’ll know reading this book, how the characters progress.

Sara moved from Chicago to a new place, a big city, what better city for that? To escape, to reinvent her life, to a new fresh start. Leaving an horrible relationship, six years of boring cheating bastard of a fiancรฉe. She now wants no commitments, she wants to have fun for once, all of her desires and fantasies. She wants to become a new Sara.

In the first week still settling her new place, she goes out to Chloe’s engagement party and gets a lot of fun quickly, as she meets Max, a British entrepreneur at a dance club, just some night fun, but it quickly turned into something else… I think they needed the same thing, something new, different from anything else! That night changed everything for both of them!

Max is someone you love instantly with that british accent. He is funny, sexy, and says what he thinks. He could have any woman but when he meets this mysterious girl at the club, he’s just curious and wants more! They are attracted to each other instantly and start doing wild things, keeping anonymous just for the fun of it. Little she knew, his playboy behavior before, showing up in all the gossip magazines and followed by the paparazzi on the streets. A life she left behind!

Sara is a strong woman, she needs to control her life, her emotions, her heart, trying to focus on the job that she’s pretty good at! She defines their relationship under her rules and Max just loves that and goes along! He wants to know her better, he’s curious about this mystery woman!

He gives her what she wants sexually and emotionally. They grow their relation on trust before anything else! He admires how to her, heโ€™s just Max, a beautiful stranger, not a playboy or womanizer that the press and paparazzi want all the time.

Like Bennett, Max was first to fall in love, or to know his feelings, and first to want it all. Best buddies yeah!

Loved his vulnerability at the end, made Sara learn how it hurts, he gave his heart to her even when she was cold and healing from her last relationship and made through all her insecurities… C’mon Sara I thought you knew better! I thought you were strong and trusted him!
No one puts thought, time and effort into making a womanโ€™s fantasies a reality unless he’s serious about it!

I thought Beautiful Bastard had all the sexy public scenes we could imagine and we couldn’t have more than that, we couldn’t get kinkier, all the excibicionism, voyeurism, the danger of being caught in this book is taken to a whole new level!

But that’s how we experience things differently right? ๐Ÿ™‚

Loved all the other characters, like George, Sara’s assistant ahahah and Max’s partner Will and his mates at the bar.

Funny story this one Beautiful Stranger!

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Review: Beautiful Bastard

Beautiful Bastard
Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

For now all I can say is, great way of writing!

I’m placed in the story so quickly, there’s no need to be too descriptive of the surroundings. Some books drag right about it, the color of the walls, the rich furniture and so on, others tell it in a beautiful way to read and it’s needed for the plot, but hey and yay, for this one there was no need for more explanation, at least I didn’t want to know ๐Ÿ™‚ It was fast to picture the characters in my mind and they became live! I knew now it was a short story, I was all ready for the dialogue, I was onboard in an instance!

Crazy how the chapters alternate between Chloe and Bennettโ€™s first person perspectives! Loved it, plus the audiobook voices!

The woman, Chloe Mills, thank God she’s smart, beautiful, hardworking, not clumsy, (well wait… there’s only one time, in the first day they met) Not insecure or uncomfortable with her body. No scars, no secrets! She definitely knows what she wants and she puts her job and future first! But she wants him too but doesn’t know it yet!

Then thereโ€™s Bennett Ryan, her Boss. Young at the top of his family media business, a perfectionist executive!
Heโ€™s hot, crazy freshly fucked hair too!Powerful, arrogant with his employees, inconsiderate only if the job isn’t done, driven… completely irresistible! Never wanted or tried a workplace hookup, but with her… gorgeous, innocently provocative, completely infuriating female, he now has to see every day, he’s going insane! So much chemistry… And hides a stack of shredded lingerie in his office drawer… Hers! (That pull on tearing underwear will hurt!Ouch!)

The characters are too much alike, I mean their personality, they build an hate and lust relationship (can this be possible? I didn’t believe the hate part, that’s not hate…he was a jerk yes, but he knew her, knew she would fight, take whatever it takes, to be like him, powerful at the job, he’d question all that she is and does… she was strong and I think she knew he was helping her, they knew they work really well together.) They match perfectly and want to be challenged. But they are stubborn and headstrong, so some difficulties could come their way.

Their encounters are sexy hot and public! They need each other again and again, yelling, fighting, teasing, but those encounters instead of getting all out of their system and forget all about it, are doing the opposite and drive them crazy! They have to work together and her internship could be at stake.

Bennett behind that arrogant bossy style, was so sweet, all thoughts on her, he expressed his emotions first, every time he was vulnerable but Chloe didn’t believe he wanted more than steamy hot sex!

It’s a fun story of hot sexy scenes at very public places, like work offices, windows, chairs, elevators, conventions… focusing on how the boss and his intern assistant will or not be together for more than sex!

Loved how Chloe puts Bennett in his place!

I want a Bennett Ryan bossing me around!

And somehow this story makes me want to buy expensive lingerie… lol


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Review: Reckless

Reckless by S.C. Stephens
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Damn I need Kellan’s POV now!
Review will come when I feel ready. …
I don’t right now! I’m sad it’s over. I was dragging it…

Next day:

… ok now, I think I’m ready:

Kellan’s and Kiera’s life and relationship goes through some serious struggle. But love wins right? Right?

Kellan seems to fall in to manipulation so many times, even Kiera used him that first time… but the past is in the past and they are looking forward to the future together, declaring they’re husband and wife in their hearts.

But Kiera wants to keep anonymous, when Kellan and his D-Bags are touring and recording their first album, their music and charisma makes them stars and they are popular fast.
She will want to be known after, what she’s afraid of? She needs to wake up, burst the bubble she lives in, it’s her life, she needs to live it…

Kiera finally yeah finally knows what she wants, and what she wants to be, a writer. She starts to write a autobiographical novel just to cleanse and leave the past behind, betrayal and all, her thoughts about that time, not speaking when she should, all her insecurities.

Writing is good for her, keeps her mind focus, at peace and we see her grew up and make some good decisions, for once.

The book was a little dragging here. I kept listening(audio book) because I was intrigued with the story.

Meanwhile I don’t understand Denny’s presence… he was always there when Kellan was away or did something wrong, or seemed that way
and when Kiera needed, Denny was there… at the end I didn’t want to know… only in books I guess! ๐Ÿ™‚

But I really liked that Kiera started to realise that Kellan does love her like crazy and she finally believes and trusts him!

With all the rumours and pressure around that celebrity hunger for fame and the manager’s grid for money and success, no matter what.
Real world, huh!?

The band yes, they all stick together, they support each other and they are truly friends, they’re family. Kellan obviously needs a family and to be loved!No more pain!

Griffin on the other hand lift the angst throughout the book, was kind of fun!Very actually! Loved to see a different side of him! Honest and caring.. lol made me laugh!

Kiera grew on me towards the end of the book. I was proud of her!

The epilogue oh that was lovely, so good to know everything was fine and going strong!

I did get all moods: I was frustrated, then I laughed, cried a little… only one time, I don’t cry easily and swoon, man!

I’ll never forget the “morning” coffee and Kellan’s smell lol

Really enjoyed this ride!
I will re-read this series!
And I recommend it!

Need Kellan’s POV like a drug now!

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Review: Effortless

Effortless by S.C. Stephens
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Listening to audible I wish there could be a song or two from D-Bags!!!

Liked it better then the first. Now I understand Kiera but still, she could be so much better, she could let go of so many problems that she obviously make in her stupid head, let go of all the secrets.

I can’t believe there’s a Denny somewhere.
Forgiving is something, forget it is well…

There’s a lot of angst, love and friendship. I almost cried I remember just saying no! no! to my dark bedroom, hoping no neighbor is awake at 6 am ๐Ÿ™‚ but the story goes really good, just smoothing and calming my nerves toward the end. ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope Kiera keeps going this way, can’t wait for Reckless and I’m ready for it right about now!

Just heard there’s a Kellan’s POV’s coming, “Thoughtful” I’m so excited!

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Review: Thoughtless

Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


I liked the story but hated Kiera, how can it be … a girl at 21 that never set goals in her life, doesn’ t know what she wants to do, just blushing so many times and always irritated, such an annoying pain. She doesn’t function alone I think, she needs a gps not two beautiful guys that fell in love with what? What? So coward, so selfish… Well it’s was a long story, sometimes repeating itself, closer to the end of the book I felt it was a little bit rushed… but overall my hate toward Kiera, I’m curious about what could possible happen in the next book. I don’t like hating so I’ m hoping Kiera changes.

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Review: Gabriel’s Redemption

Gabriel's Redemption (Gabriel's Inferno, #3)Gabriel’s Redemption by Sylvain Reynard
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Loved loved loved this book, the Professor came a long way and came with love, grace and hope ๐Ÿ™‚
I appreciate how the author didn’t always take the expected path in scenes. When we think something could lead to a conflict or misunderstanding and then it’s not or like at the end of a chapter, it terminates a sentence with a word that in the next chapter or paragraph it’s in a completely different context in a different character’s opinion, did you notice that?
I feel this story could be real.
Life isn’t perfect, not everything works. We grow up with our issues and outside problems that come and go, we try to adjust, isn’t easier to follow our dreams as a married couple.
But what’s important, like family, love and hope, will help you get through anything.
This book made me laugh with all the snarky remarks and the Superman story and the Clark Kent glasses! ๐Ÿ˜€

(Parenthetically writing: Did you know I always imagine the male character has the actual Superman actor Henry Cavill ๐Ÿ™‚ He is always the male, the alpha male in my readings… so in this book Gabriel is perfect and actually Superman ๐Ÿ™‚ that made me laugh out loud!)

Definitely the best book of 2013 in my shy reading, I didn’t read a lot! But I will re-read it!

Thank you Sylvain Reynard!

I recommend reading all the three books more than once!

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